Why Rand Paul is Suspicious of Increased Surveillance



Washington —

(Liberty Conservatives Magazine)

Rand Paul is arguing that it’s “bulls–t” to argue that U.S. government surveillance needs to be ramped up as a result of the Paris attacks.

At a campaign event at George Washington University, the Kentucky senator told the crowd that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone record data hasn’t been stopped, despite a judge’s order, due to a six-month window to end the program.

“So when they stand up on television and say the tragedy in Paris means you have to give up your liberty, we need more phone surveillance — bulls–t!” Paul said.

Senator Paul’s Libertarian philosophy drives his concern about the potentiality of increased surveillance in the aftermath of the Paris shootings.

Paul maintains a “paradigm of suspicion” regarding increased surveillance, since such measures increase power and size of government in expanding the state’s technological and investigatory apparatus.

Rand Paul also opposes that the United States government engages in the bulk collection of personal data from every American with a cell phone. The founding fathers would be ashamed if they could see the massive growth of government that has taken place at the expense of our constitutional liberties.


Rand Paul believes that every American has a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy which must be protected. Simply put, the phone records of law-abiding Americans are none of the government’s business!



If the government has probable cause that an individual is a criminal or suspected terrorist, then they must first go to a judge and obtain a warrant as required by the Fourth Amendment. Mr. Verizon, Mr. Sprint, and Mr. AT&T are not individuals and “general warrants” which authorize this dragnet surveillance on millions of Americans violate the very intent of the Fourth Amendment. Simply owning a cell-phone does not mean you forfeit your constitutional rights. From your phone records, the government can discern the most intimate details of your life–whether you smoke, whether you gamble, what books you read, what magazines you read, whether you see a psychiatrist, or what medications you take. This domestic NSA spying is simply not acceptable in a free society.

As President of the United States, Rand Paul will immediately end the NSA’s illegal bulk data collection and domestic spying programs and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans. We must remember that our rights are unlimited, unenumerated, and given to us by God. Your rights are who you are, your rights are what you are, your rights are in your DNA – and the government can get over it.





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