Why the World Needs Rand Paul

My Fellow Americans,

My name is Lee Enochs and I am the managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine, an up and coming electronic news entity that is written from a distinctively conservative and Libertarian perspective. I am also a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey who loved God and the my country very much. I am a dedicated Rand Paul supporter as well.

I wanted to depart from my normal way of reporting today. Usually I will focus on a current person, issue or event that is currently relevant to the political realm in the United States.

On most days, I write on some hot button issue that many people are talking about in the news and contemporary culture and try to interpret and comment on the news from a distinctly Libertarian and conservative political perspective. My work is usually a hybrid combination of political commentary and current events news reporting.

Yet, today I would like to do something entirely different than my normative mode of operation and paint a picture for you with different brush strokes upon the canvas and mosaic of political discourse in America.

 Today, I would like to present to you a broader and more philosophical reason why I believe the world needs Rand Paul. Yes, I believe that Senator Rand Paul is so unique in his political perspective that the entire world could benefit from Rand Paul’s refreshing, unique and innovative fresh take on politics and the economy.

Rand Paul’s uniqueness and conveyor of bold ideas gave impetus to the normally very liberal TIME Magazine to feature Rand Paul on its cover under the title, “The Most Interesting Man in Politics.”

Yes, at the risk of sounding too bold and partisan, I do want to convey that the world needs Rand Paul whether or not he wins the Republican nomination and ultimately becomes our next President or not. The world needs Rand Paul precisely because it does not think it needs a man like Rand Paul in office.

Yet, if the media and the American people would turn their collective gaze away from celebrity and gimmicky candidates such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson and assess who is actually giving the most compelling answers to America’s most important political and economic questions, they would see that Rand Paul has the most thorough and substantive answers.

The world needs Rand Paul precisely at this time because for the first time in our lives there has arisen upon America’s political landscape, a viable candidate for President that is diametrically and philosophically different than any other candidate in American history.

Unlike any other major candidate in the storied annals of American political discourse, Rand Paul stands apart with an innovative vision of independence from Washington’s big government values and practices. While other Republican candidates have talked about decreasing the size of our federal government and its soul crushing massive bureaucracy, almost no Republican politician means what he or she says and their actions demonstrate an entirely different thing.

Case in point, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush claimed to be “small government” conservatives, both Reagan and Bush the younger were among the most wasteful big spending Presidents in history. Both Reagan and Bush increased the size of government and the national debt in incomprehensible and shocking ways that were diametrically different than their small government rhetoric.

Rand Paul is needed in the world today because the stale and tired old ways of the ever expanding federal government are just not working. Everyone admits that our political system is broken and needs fundamental and systemic change.

Rand Paul is the bold and innovative agent of change in a collapsing and bankrupt system that has now plunged America into near catastrophic economic ruin by increasing the national debt to close to $19 trillion dollars.

The world needs Rand Paul whether he is the Republican nominee or not, since Senator Paul’s vision of a nation of self-reliant citizen patriots recalls the bold vision of our founding fathers. Rand Paul vision for America is radically antithetical of FDR and LBJ’s “New Deal” and “Great Society” legislation that has for generations made millions of Americans utterly dependent on the federal government to meet their most basic of needs.

Rand Paul’s vision is to free America from its dependence on Washington and its entitlement programs. Rand Paul wants to defeat the steely beast that is the Washington machine and he wants to release the American dream. Rand Paul’s bold and innovative vision for all Americans is that they be the last and best arbiters of their own personal and economic destinies. When we trust in ourselves and not the federal government to meet our needs and goals in life, we achieve true liberty.

Rand Paul is needed now more than ever before because Rand wants to free a generation of Americans from dependence and interdependence upon the federal government in order that we the people are the primary agents of our own economic prosperity.

The world needs Rand Paul because far too many people have given up on the American dream and have settled for a federal government that has its hand in almost every essential part of our economic and private lives. Rand Paul wants to free you and me from dependence upon government that America can once more be the sitting set on a hill that all nations can admire near and far.

The world needs Rand Paul because we all need to be set free from the federal government’s intrusive overreach into our personal, economic and private lives. I believe America stands at a crossroads and the choice laid before us today is life and death, freedom and slavery.

We you continue to be a slave to the state or will you are free? Vote for Rand Paul and be free! I have written this from the heart, that this one nation under God would return back to its Constitution and vision of its founding fathers that this nation of the people, for the people and by the people should not perish from the earth. Vote for Rand Paul and be free!


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