The Comeback Kid: Why Rand Paul Will Make the Biggest Comeback in American Political History

Thoughts on Rand Paul’s Political Comeback

by Lee Enochs

Princeton, New Jersey

As we head into the Thanksgiving break, Senator Rand Paul is trailing far back in the polls. While Rand Paul’s polls are low, his spirits are high and there is indication that he could make up ground soon.

While politics gets a bad rap in America today, the fact is, none of us can escape the reality that politics plays an essential part of each our daily lives.

From the taxes we pay to the speed limits on our city streets, essentially everything we do is interconnected to the political process and politicians at the local, state-wide and national level.

We can all acknowledge that there is something fundamentally wrong with the political system in America. Truth be told, it is broken and near irrevocable collapse.

Unwise  politicians have gambled and lost with their spending frenzy. Unbridled spending on wars, entitlements and social welfare programs has brought America near economic catastrophe.

Our national debt is now close to $19 trillion dollars and accumulates each and every day. We are now spending approximately $7 million dollars per minute as a nation and this mad spending frenzy is clearly unsustainable.

Of all the current Republican candidates now vying for the GOP’s Presidential nomination, only Rand Paul has a viable plan to balance our federal budget and only spend what comes in. Only Rand Paul has the courage to work to eradicating our national debt.

Similarly, Rand Paul wants to audit the fed and repeal the entire IRS tax code-more than 70,000 pages of it, with a low, broad-based tax of 14.5% on individuals and businesses.

Furthermore, Senator Rand Paul has promised to repeal Obamacare and federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Rand Paul is also the only Republican Presidential candidate that has a comprehensive plan to guarantee the maximization of our civil liberties. Senator Paul wants to end the NSA’s bulk collection of our personal data from our cell phones and wants to guarantee our right to privacy as afforded to us by the U.S. Constitution.

Rand Paul is on a crusade to end politics as usual in Washington D.C. He also wants to balance the federal budget, eradicate our national debt and ensure our civil liberties. For these reasons and many more I have joined the Rand Paul Revolution. I would like to encourage you to do the same.


Rand Paul Can Beat the Washington Machine 
Is there a conspiracy against Rand Paul, the junior senator of Kentucky and current Republican Presidential candidate? From my vantage point, the answer to this query depends entirely upon what one means by the word conspiracy.

Do I believe there is a secret plot and highly coordinated effort by the national news media and the Republican establishment to discredit Rand Paul and thwart his Presidential ambitions? While I find most “conspiracy theories” utterly preposterous and untenable, I do believe there is an interconnectivity of resistance on the part of many of members of the political establishment and news media to give Senator Paul a fair hearing.

This is not to say, that I believe there is a secret “power behind the throne” that is dictating whether or not Rand Paul can be a viable candidate for the Republican nomination. Yet, I do believe there is something akin to a coordinated effort to defame and discredit Senator Paul in the minds and hearts of the Republican faithful.

I personally believe that many establishment Republicans do not care for Rand Paul’s brand of Libertarian conservatism and will do everything in their power to malign and distort Paul’s beliefs and policies.

This distortion of Rand Paul’s ideas, policy positions and record is then picked up and repeated by conservative magazines and news outlets like National Review and Fox News. This distortion of Paul becomes reality in the minds of voters who have no time to filter such perversions of Rand Paul’s views and record.

Anyone that knows anything about the editors of National Review can readily testify that its editors loathe Rand Paul, Libertarianism and Rand’s father, Ron.

Much of the open hatred and detestation of Rand Paul comes from hawkish national security conservatives who closely identify with the military industrial complex. Besides the sheer loss of money to agencies and companies that get rich off its connection to the U.S. military, many hawks believe that Rand Paul will be soft on the war on terror and hence jeopardize America’s security and standing in the world.

While nothing in Paul’s record and policies suggest such a distortion, again, perception is reality for many national security proponents who sense, perhaps correctly, that a President Rand Paul would severely curtail the misappropriation of spending and funds on things we exactly do not need.

To answer the question if whether or not I believe there is a “conspiracy” against Rand Paul by the media and establishment Republicans, yes, in some sense I do believe there is a coordinated resistance to Paul for the reasons I have elucidated above.

For Rand Paul to win the Republican nomination, he will have to fight up hill and think and act outside the box to gain attention to his campaign. Recently a petition has been going around that encourages Rand Paul to do a town hall type debate forum with Bernie Sanders. Such an event may be of a great benefit to Paul who seeks to break out of the box the Republican establishment and news media has tried to contain him in.


6 thoughts on “The Comeback Kid: Why Rand Paul Will Make the Biggest Comeback in American Political History

  1. I wish he would come out with a plan to close down some of the 100+ military bases around the world and open the bases left vacant in the US. If these countries want us there they should be willing to pay us to be there. Audit and verify where our foreign aid is going and being spent. One idea that would get volumes of attention is to put a halt to exporting arms an ammunition and overseas production by US manufacturers and arms suppliers and open it to US citizens. We are only arming our enemies by these exports. If we are to accept any refugees why do we have to let them enter the US?. Why not detain and house them until their countries are safe to go back to. Then ship them back.
    . In Australia a young man or woman of sixteen years of age can join the military. I met several on a recent trip to Australia. What gentlemen and polished teens they are. I would highly recommend this as many teenagers need the direction and discipline their parents don’t or are unable to give. Talking to them they wanted more direction and independence, and finished high school in the military.. Blew me away when a nineteen year old told me he had been in the Australian navy for the years. So good for them, as it would be for a choice of our young people.
    . I am a proud supporter of Rand Paul.


  2. Mr paul I voted for your father in a write in. Our lord spoke that if the truth be spoken it cannot be unjustified. Get the facts, and the plan lay it out so that it is clear and let the press try to play with that.


  3. I love the title, I love the photo and the layout of your blog. But you failed to mention any details on how he actually will make a comeback. Or am I missing something? Thanks.

    Rand Paul 2016!


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