Rand Paul is Better than Donald Trump and You Know It

Donald Trump is a Horrible Candidate who will Lose Badly to Hillary Clinton, but there is Still Time to Vote for Rand Paul

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by Lee Enochs

The Libertarian Shaman

As of Tuesday, November 24, 2015, Donald  Trump still leads the pack for the Republican nomination by a large margin. During a recent trip to Dallas that happened to coincide with a major Trump event at a prominent sports arena, I saw first-hand the considerable sway that the Donald has over a significant segment of potential Republican primary voters.

Donald Trump has achieved rock star status in the minds and hearts of millions of Republicans and conservative Americans, and I wanted to know why.

My best friend’s recent announcement that he is now voting for Donald Trump has also piqued my interest in the Trump phenomena. Is it a flash in the pan, here today, but gone tomorrow?

Or is Donald Trump mania a real thing that we long-time Republicans will have to deal with for the foreseeable future? Could the star of the “Celebrity Apprentice” actually win the Republican nomination for President in 2016 and be our nominee next fall?

Intrigued as to why so many conservatives and Republicans are hopping so brazenly on the Donald’s bandwagon, especially since Trump was a pro-choice, gun control Democrat very recently, I asked a diehard Trump supporter why he has had a “come to the Donald” moment and is pledging his heart and soul to the billionaire media and real estate mogul.

“The Donald will get things done in Washington,” my friend replied, obviously startled that I would dare to question him on why has come out for Donald Trump. “I am tired of a do nothing congress that just sits on their behinds and does nothing,” my friend went on to say. “Mr. Trump has proved that he is a man of action,” my zealous Trump supporting friend said.

“But, wasn’t Trump a liberal Democrat only a few years ago who recently supported Obamacare, partial birth abortion, gun control and high taxes?” I asked sincerely.

“That was three long years ago, besides people change. Didn’t Ronald Reagan himself switch from being a New Deal Democrat to being a conservative Republican?” my friend replied.

When I asked what policies of Trump my friend supported, he responded that Donald Trump is a man of deeds and not words. Furthermore he said that he had a “gut feeling” deep down inside his belly that Donald would bring change and make America great again.

“But, isn’t that exactly what Obama and his supporters said, just seven years ago?” I retorted, wondering how an educated man like my friend could place his hope and trust in a political candidate with a proven track record of supporting liberal policies without a shred of objective evidence.

“The Donald is different,” my friend said finally, believing deep within that Donald J. Trump is the man for this hour. “When Donald Trump is elected President, he will throw those bums out of Washington, build a massive fence around America that will keep all the bad guys and illegal immigrants out,” my friend stated. Just exactly how was never exactly answered by my friend who received Donald Trump into his life.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Donald Trump

I have lived in Texas and I like the Wild, Wild West. I am also not going to lie to you guys. I love the “Spaghetti Western” films starring Clint Eastwood. In particular, I love the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” a 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach in the titular roles of a film some have called the greatest epic ever. I particularly love the iconic music score of this movie.

Now, in the same way “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” had its good characters and its very bad characters, each of us have good and bad characteristics. Unfortunately some of us have more radical bipolarity than others.

In the circus that is America’s political scene, it is doubtful that anyone has as many good, bad and ugly characteristics as Donald Trump.

The Good

As a Rand Paul supporter that takes great umbrage to Donald Trump’s personal attacks on my candidate, it is very difficult for me to praise the Donald for anything. Yet, despite my personal reluctance to sing Trump’s praises and paint his picture on the Sistine Chapel, there are many good things about the “Celebrity Apprentice.”

As an avowed capitalist who has written a book in defense of the free enterprise system, I am very much in support of making money the old fashioned way. Like the old “Smith and Barney” commercials, I believe we have to earn it. While some of Trump’s business and real estate transactions might be questionable like allowing some of his enterprises go bankrupt, I believe that Trump has substantially earned his billions of dollars in the right and lawful way.

I also like the fact that has been a successful entertainer with his TV shows. I am not a socialist like Bernie Sanders and do not want to separate Mr. Trump from his substantial wealth. In fact, I would like a little bit of it myself. I personally praise Donald Trump for encouraging Americans to go out and become successful themselves.

The Bad

Yet, despite these good qualities there is a whole lot of bad about Donald J. Trump that his legions of supporters are looking past. These very bad character flaws and outright abusive tendencies will most certainly be seized upon by the national media should Mr. Trump win the Republican nomination next year and face the Democratic candidate.

In the last few months, Donald Trump has managed to recklessly attack and insult Hispanics, women and anyone that dares to disagree with him or oppose his candidacy. Case in point, his crude comments about Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul’s looks, conclusively demonstrate, as Rand Paul has pointed out, that Trump lacks the self-control and temperament to be President of the United States of America. Our country’s good will and moral standing in the world has suffered enough under Barack Obama, it most certainly will be shipwrecked, if Donald Trump is elected President in November, 2016.

The Ugly 

While I do not want to lapse into the same sort of mud-slinging that Donald Trump engages in on an almost daily basis, I will let the reader do his or her own research on the moral life of Donald Trump, who is on record boasting about his myriad of sexual escapades.

His divorces and current marital situation would have caused many an American to take pause in election cycles past. However, we live a brave new world and new millennium where a major Presidential candidate like Trump can be married to a woman who has posed in compromising magazine shoots and it is not considered an issue at all.

My biggest problem about Trump is that he has very little ability not to attack others and make wild and inflammatory accusations and defamations. All these things will most certainly be capitalized on by his Democratic opponents, if he wins the nomination.

As a life-long Republican who has voted in every Presidential election since the 1980’s, I might have to sit this one out if Donald J. Trump happens to be my party’s nominee.

Because Freedom and Civil Liberties Matter

by Lee Edward Enochs

Over the last few months I have been very vocal in my support of Rand Paul and this is why I now endorse him in his quest for the Presidency of the United States.

To many, 2016 may seem to a long way off. Why, “that’s four months away” you might want to say. In reality, four months is just a blink of the eye. Soon, one of the most important election cycles in America’s history will be in full swing and the stakes could not be any higher.

One may be skeptical about the importance of the coming Presidential election and think that one individual in the White House cannot effect much. Think again, if the last seven years teach us anything, the Obama years demonstrate unequivocally that one singular President can transform society.

Like him or leave him, President Barack Obama has fundamentally changed American society as we know it. Due to this present administration’s massive overspending, the national debt now soars over $18 trillion dollars.

America presently spends approximately $7 million dollars per minute and this current spending spree cannot go on forever. Our crushing national debt, while not being taken seriously by Obama and his spend crazy friends in Washington, is not sustainable.

We need common sense solutions to face the crisis of our national debt head on. This is why Senator Rand Paul’s proposal of adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) for our Federal Government is both wise and prudent.

Throughout America 46 different states have enacted a Balanced Budget Amendment in their state constitutions. I concur with Senator Paul that the Federal Government must do the same.

I also agree with Senator Paul’s plan for a $2 trillion dollar tax cut that will repeal the entire IRS tax code and replace it with a low, broad-based tax of a simple 14.5 percent on individuals and businesses.

While Rand Paul was not a member of the United States Senate during the 111th

Congress, he states clearly that he would have voted against Obamacare and if elected President in 2016, one of his first acts in office would to be to repeal this grave injustice to our nation’s health care system.

Equally appalling is our nation’s crisis in relation to illegal immigration. Senator Rand Paul is correct when he says that illegal immigration places a massive drain on our economy and threatens our national security. He is prudent to call for the completion of a border fence in five years.

Senator Paul is also spot on when he calls for a complete and thorough audit of the Federal Reserve. Rand Paul is right when he says the Fed should be audited and the regulatory power should be placed back under the control of the United States Congress.

Similarly, we have a crisis in America over the bulk collection of our personal data from every American who owns a cell phone. We need a President who will guarantee our Constitutional right to privacy. As Senator Paul has said, the phone records of law-abiding Americans is none of the government’s business.

As a Republican with distinctly Libertarian views on economics and civil liberties I agree with Rand Paul that individuals are sovereign over their own lives and that respect for privacy and individuals is the essential foundation for a free and  prosperous world. Without liberty people become slaves to the State. I for one and voting for Rand Paul for all these reasons.



Lee Enochs (B.A. Humanities, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), is a Libertarian thinker, writer and activist living just outside of New York City. The Author of two books, “The Case for Rand Paul,” and “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism,” Lee is also Managing Editor and Washington Correspondent for Liberty Conservatives Magazine. Lee has also pursued graduate studies in Princeton, New Jersey and believes the best government is the least amount of government.


The Case for Rand Paul is now on sale this week only for $1

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3 thoughts on “Rand Paul is Better than Donald Trump and You Know It

  1. I enjoyed your reflections and I myself want Rand Paul. But if I can’t have him I will vote for Trump. My reason I don’t want anymore muslims running this country. And I really think Donald has the balls to get rid of them. Prevent their entry into our country. And would destroy ISIS.


  2. RAND PAUL has won EVERY single major straw poll in this election!!! he has 12 straw poll wins, the most of any candidate. he is winning 2 fox news polls currently, one of them with 38% of the vote and over 10,000 votes, one of them with 46% of the vote and over 3,000 votes. he is the ONLY candidate running, who beats hillary clinton in 5 states. the same 5 obama won twice! he has the strongest and largest ground game in iowa, with 130 chairs and co-chairs and 650 precinct captains, the most of any candidate. the polls they show you on the mainstream news are total and complete horseshit! RAND PAUL himself called bullshit on those polls. on the ground, in the flesh and blood, it’s all RAND PAUL supporters. RAND PAUL is the true front runner in this race and it’s time for the mainstream media to STOP LYING ABOUT IT!!!


  3. If Independents and Libertarians would use their strength, power, and voices then Rand would be doing much better today. I’ve never been a registered Republican, but i switched parties for Rand. Without the Ind & Libertarian votes, i’m afraid Rand doesn’t have a shot. This may be the last Liberty-minded candidate in our lifetime. Use your voice people. Make the Switch & Vote!


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