Ten Reasons Why You Should Dump Trump Right Now and Vote for Rand Paul

Erick Erickson
Time to Dump Trump and Vote for Rand Paul

By Lee Enochs

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“The federal government should be so small we should not be able to see it” 

(Rand Paul)


In just over two months the Republican Party will start its primary season. While there is a long ways to the nomination, presently all eyes in the GOP are on reality television personality and billionaire business mogul Donald Trump who, despite some dips in recent polling, is still the man to beat in the Republican primaries.

As a life-long Republican I have grave concerns about Donald Trump and believe he would be a horrible nominee for my party. I believe many of his comments border on racism and he unnecessarily alienated women, Hispanics, Muslims and many other demographic groups in his xenophobic and demagogic quest for the White House.

If Donald Trump does win the Republican nomination next year, he will be the first non-politician without political experience to win a major party nomination in U.S. History. A complete novice should not be the leader of the Republican Party.

From here on out, I am taking off my gloves and going full throttle against Donald Trump who I believe is a shame and disgrace and has no business leading the Republican ticket next Fall.

Here are ten simple reasons why I believe those voting for Donald Trump and vote for Rand Paul instead.


  1. Donald Trump cannot win the necessary swing states such as Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida necessary to beat presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but Rand Paul can. Senator Rand Paul can appeal to both Republicans and moderate to conservative Republicans that Donald Trump has no possibility of necessary votes from.


  1. Donald Trump has no chance of winning the Hispanic vote, an increasingly pivotal voting bloc in 2016. Trump’s offensive comments against the Hispanic community and Mexico have drawn large protests against him and will be a major force against him should he win the nomination next year. Rand Paul, on the other hand, is able to work with a large variety of demographic and political groups from a wide variety of ideological and cultural perspectives.


  1. The mainstream media is now branding Donald Trump as a xenophobe, racist and fascist who is a danger to America. Rand Paul on the other hand, has the ear of the left and mainstream media as evidenced by the fact that TIME magazine had a front cover feature on Rand Paul whom it called, the most interesting politician in America.


  1. Donald Trump’s biggest appeal is to the disaffected and disenfranchised white voters within the far right fringes of the Republican Party. Careful polling shows that the Donald Trump appeals to uneducated Caucasian voters from the lower economic bracket. Many of Trump’s voters are angry about political correctness but cannot articulate a comprehensive vision for the future of America. Rand Paul, on the other hand, appeals to every demographic group in America and educated people from both the right and left are interested in hearing Rand Paul’s small government vision for America.


  1. While Donald Trump specializes in sound bites and emotional appeals, Rand Paul has a comprehensive and detailed plan to tackle the most important issues facing America. Trump has little substance to his campaign besides rallying people against political correctness.


  1. Contrary to the example of Donald Trump, Senator Rand Paul has presented comprehensive legislation in congress and is an active agent in careful policy making. To put it bluntly, Trump is good on the stump but should be dumped because he is very weak on actually making laws that govern America.


  1. Rand Paul has a detailed plan to reduce the national debt that is now close to $19 trillion dollars. Donald Trump offers no comprehensive plan to deal with the national debt or any other major issue that faces America.


  1. While Rand Paul wants to abolish Obamacare, Donald Trump is down on record supporting his own version of single payer health insurance that greatly increases the size and reach of the federal government.


  1. Donald Trump is down on record as supporting abortion rights, gun control, single payer health insurance and a wide variety of liberal candidates such as Hillary Clinton and gun control liberal Senator Chuck Schumer. How do we know Trump will not resort and return to liberalism if elected President? Trump has no track record of supporting conservative causes and has left the Republican Party for many years and voted as a Democrat in liberal NYC. Rand Paul on the other hand, has been a Republican all his life and has fought big government liberalism since the 1980’s.


  1. Donald Trump’s record on the protection of our civil liberties is non-existent but Senator Rand Paul has led the charge in adamant support of our right to privacy and independence from government intervention and intrusion. Rand Paul has been at the forefront of the political discussion in the U.S. Senate on abolishing the TSA, NSA, IRS and the bulk collection of our personal data.




One thought on “Ten Reasons Why You Should Dump Trump Right Now and Vote for Rand Paul

  1. Good, succinct article. Donald Trump wants to govern based on his own judgment. He might be a good businessman, but he has no proper economic or political philosophies consistent with liberty.


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