Only Rand Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton

Why Republicans Should Take Another Look at Rand Paul

by Lee Enochs

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Of all the Republican candidates running for President, there is evidence that in a face to face match up in the absolutely crucial swing states, only Rand Paul can stay competitive.

Current polling shows Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is growing and with Joe Biden out of the race, the Democratic Nomination is Hillary Clinton’s to lose.

In the Republican side of things, Donald Trump still owns a considerable lead over his closest challengers.

 As Donald Trump surges into the polling stratosphere, left behind are the conservative ideas that the Republican Party has been founded on. Sure, Donald Trump is brash and is appealing to a populist element within the Republican Party; his presentation is high on soundbites and devoid of substantive ideas.

I think it is time for the rank and file of the Republican Party that actually votes in the primaries to take another look at the ideas of Senator Rand Paul before settling on an unproven and unstable commodity like Donald Trump or Ben Carson.

While the Republican Party is supposed to be the place where conservative ideas flourish and gain strength, Trump’s overall ideology is one garbled mess. This is an individual who unlike Rand Paul, has very recently supported high taxes, Obamacare and single-payer healthcare where one government run organization would collect all healthcare fees and pay out all healthcare costs.

Trump has also very recently been a Democrat that supported Hillary Clinton, gun control and partial birth abortion. Trump has been anything but a rock of consistence on conservative issues.

Rand Paul, on the other hand, has been a man of principle his entire adult life and has stood for true small-government and conservative values. Besides defending our civil liberties and advocating the abolition of the NSA, TSA, IRS and Patriot Act, Rand Paul, unlike any of the other candidates has a five year plan to balance the federal budget and eliminate our $19 trillion dollar national deficit.

Before Republican waste another Presidential election cycle on a candidate that cannot win the general election like Donald Trump, we in the GOP need to look again to a true conservative like Rand Paul who can actually beat Hillary Clinton by winning the swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Michigan as the polls indicate.

There is no way Donald Trump, Ben Carson and the other Republican candidates can stay competitive in these swing states necessary for the Republican Party to take back the White House. Rand Paul’s views on the other hand, are so innovative, the liberals, moderates and independents are more apt to vote for Rand Paul than any other Republican candidate.

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