Marco Rubio is a Fraud, Rand Paul is the Real Deal

Marco Rubio’s Record Shows He Opposes the Liberty Movement

Lee Enochs

Good-looking. Young. Bright. Good speaker. These are all adjectives that describe Senator Marco Rubio, one of leading candidates for the Republican nomination. If elected President, Rubio, age 44, will be the first Hispanic commander and chief of the United States of America.

Lee Enochs is a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey who writes in defense of Rand Paul and the Liberty Movement. To help Lee stay in school and continue the fight for liberty please donate  (here)

After three sterling debate performances, one thing is certain about Marco Rubio, he is very articulate on foreign policy and can hold his own against any debate challenger. To many, Marco Rubio is a dream candidate that possesses JFK like charisma with conservative credentials.

Yet, here are just a few things that demonstrate that Marco Rubio is no friend to the liberty movement:

* Upon closer inspection, the facts are that Marco Rubio is a faux conservative that is no friend of the liberty movement in America. In fact, one could argue that the dashing Marco Rubio is a major opponent to liberty conservatives on most issues.

 The reality is, Marco Rubio is a Neo-Con interventionist who says he believes in a “robust foreign policy” and argued in his 2010 Senate campaign that the Iraq War has made “America a safer place.”

* In 2014, in a Washington Times op-ed, Rubio called the war on drugs a success when in all actuality, the federal government’s war on illegal drugs has been a major failure.

*Marco Rubio is against due process laws and in a 2006 book argued that he is against the appeals process.

*Marco Rubio wants the federal government to monitor and regulate your personal life.

*Marco Rubio supports birthright citizenship.

* Marco Rubio voted YES on extending the Patriot Acts roving wiretaps.
Marco Rubio Supports the Permanent Extension of the NSA’s Mass Surveillance

Rubio is an opponent of personal liberty in that he supports the permanent extension of the NSA’s mass surveillance on our personal lives.

Rubio stated that, “We cannot unilaterally disarm in terms of our intelligence-gathering capabilities,” and that, “There is no evidence that these programs have been systematically abused.”

Marco Rubio also voted for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which many groups have concluded would grant permission for indefinite detention of Americans on American soil.

Rubio argues that the bill’s main purpose is to “affirm the authority of the executive branch to act within our national interest and they provide the federal government with the tools that are needed to maintain our national security.”

Marco Rubio Supports Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

A few years ago, Marco Rubio supported a bill that would allow people to seek “Registered Provisional Immigrant Status,” by demonstrating residence in the United States prior to Dec. 31, 2011, having no felony convictions and not more than two misdemeanors and paying a $500 penalty plus back taxes.

According to Rubio and that Bill, $500 would be required after six years. After 10 years under Registered Provisional Immigrant Status, a person could pay $1,000 and seek a green card using a new merit-based system. People brought here illegally as minors, known as “Dreamers,” and workers in an agricultural program would get green cards in five years, versus the 10 for everyone else who qualifies.

Marco Rubio supports new security measures would have to be under way before unauthorized immigrants could begin that process, however. The bill calls for $4.5 billion for a strategy that includes new surveillance equipment, fencing along the Mexican border and more customs agents. Employers would be required to check the legal status of employees through an electronic system known as E-Verify.

While Marco Rubio is no friend to our civil liberties, Rand Paul is.

Rand Paul believes that every American has a constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy which must be protected. Simply put, the phone records of law-abiding Americans are none of the government’s business!

Rand Paul says,

“If the government has probable cause that an individual is a criminal or suspected terrorist, then they must first go to a judge and obtain a warrant as required by the Fourth Amendment. Mr. Verizon, Mr. Sprint, and Mr. AT&T are not individuals and “general warrants” which authorize this dragnet surveillance on millions of Americans violate the very intent of the Fourth Amendment. Simply owning a cell-phone does not mean you forfeit your constitutional rights. From your phone records, the government can discern the most intimate details of your life–whether you smoke, whether you gamble, what books you read, what magazines you read, whether you see a psychiatrist, or what medications you take. This domestic NSA spying is simply not acceptable in a free society.”


Contrary to Marco Rubio’s unconstitutional positions, Rand Paul says,

“As President of the United States, I will immediately end the NSA’s illegal bulk data collection and domestic spying programs and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans. We must remember that our rights are unlimited, unenumerated, and given to us by God. Your rights are who you are, your rights are what you are, your rights are in your DNA – and the government can get over it.”

(From Rand Paul’s website, “On the Issues.”)

For all these reasons Marco Rubio has demonstrated that he is no friend of the Liberty Movement.


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