When in Doubt, Vote for Rand Paul


Republican Voters Should Take Another Look at Rand Paul

by Lee Enochs

“For the best government is the least amount government.”


Over the last few months I have been very vocal in my support of Rand Paul and this is why I now endorse him in his quest for the Presidency of the United States.

To many,  the 2016 primary season may seem to a long way off. Why, “that’s two months away” you might want to say. In reality, two months is just a blink of the eye. Soon, one of the most important election cycles in America’s history will be in full swing and the stakes could not be any higher.

One may be skeptical about the importance of the coming Presidential election and think that one individual in the White House cannot effect much. Think again, if the last seven years teach us anything, the Obama years demonstrate unequivocally that one singular President can transform society.

Like him or leave him, President Barack Obama has fundamentally changed American society as we know it. Due to this present administration’s massive overspending, the national debt now soars over $18 trillion dollars.

America presently spends approximately $7 million dollars per minute and this current spending spree cannot go on forever. Our crushing national debt, while not being taken seriously by Obama and his spend crazy friends in Washington, is not sustainable.

We need common sense solutions to face the crisis of our national debt head on. This is why Senator Rand Paul’s proposal of adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) for our Federal Government is both wise and prudent.

Throughout America 46 different states have enacted a Balanced Budget Amendment in their state constitutions. I concur with Senator Paul that the Federal Government must do the same.

I also agree with Senator Paul’s plan for a $2 trillion dollar tax cut that will repeal the entire IRS tax code and replace it with a low, broad-based tax of a simple 14.5 percent on individuals and businesses.

While Rand Paul was not a member of the United States Senate during the 111th Congress, he states clearly that he would have voted against Obamacare and if elected President in 2016, one of his first acts in office would to be to repeal this grave injustice to our nation’s health care system.

Equally appalling is our nation’s crisis in relation to illegal immigration. Senator Rand Paul is correct when he says that illegal immigration places a massive drain on our economy and threatens our national security. He is prudent to call for the completion of a border fence in five years.

Senator Paul is also spot on when he calls for a complete and thorough audit of the Federal Reserve. Rand Paul is right when he says the Fed should be audited and the regulatory power should be placed back under the control of the United States Congress.

Similarly, we have a crisis in America over the bulk collection of our personal data from every American who owns a cell phone. We need a President who will guarantee our Constitutional right to privacy. As Senator Paul has said, the phone records of law-abiding Americans is none of the government’s business.

As a Republican with distinctly Libertarian views on economics and civil liberties I agree with Rand Paul that individuals are sovereign over their own lives and that respect for privacy and individuals is the essential foundation for a free and prosperous world. Without liberty people become slaves to the State. I for one and voting for Rand Paul for all these reasons.



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