Why I am Taking the Liberty Movement to Southern California

Thoughts on How to Share Libertarian Conservatism in Southern Californian

by Lee Enochs 

Executive Director, 

Conservatives for California 


While many people know I am a major proponent of the Liberty Movement and Rand Paul, what you might not know is that I call Southern California home.

That’s right, I have been a resident of Southern California since the late 1980’s, and while my academic goals have taken me to other places like Dallas Texas and Princeton, New Jersey, I call Orange County, California home.

I am attempting to earn an Ivy League education and master’s degree to go back home to my native Southern California and make a major impact on an entire region.

I realized sometime ago, that my surfer guy approach, while culturally relevant, lacked the academic gravitas needed to launch a widespread political  movement, so I earned an out of state undergraduate degree and am presently at one of the best graduate schools in the nation to make the biggest impact on Southern California I can.

Yesterday I returned home to my beloved California after being away for over a year. It has been a much needed time home. While I love Princeton for it’s educational opportunities, it is not home.

In fact it is far from it since, in a very venacular since, I speak and act very much like a resident of the beach cities in Orange County, California where the iconic and quinessential Southern Californian terms, “Dude” and “Bro” are used simultaneously and interchangeably as nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns and essentially ever other aspect of human speech.

I am now in my beloved Southern California and I have already talked to many people about my Libertarian views and contrary to what you have ever heard about California, conservative ideas are accepted by many people.

I know far too well the liberal repuation that California has in many Americans minds. Because I often travel, study and traffic in the world of ideas outside of California, I know all too well the cultural cliches and ideas many people outside of Golden State have for this place. Many are true and many are absolutely false.

While it may be true that Democrats far outnumber Republicans overall throughout the state, there are many conservatives in certain counties and pockets of California.  Despite the conception that California is entirely liberal, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many conservatives here that are decent and law abiding Americans who want to live and love by the rule of law in this country.

Yet, it is also true that what may work on the East Coast’s political true, does not necessarily work here in Southern California. Because this state has its own unique history and demographical issues, I have found in my conversations with native Californians, it is of paramount importance to contextualize and present political issues in such a way that they are understandable to indigenous Californians.

That is, if a Liberty conservative is to have any semblance of success in coummicating his or her views to Southern Californians, one has to address issues and current events that are relevant to the people that live here on the West Coast.

For example, the recent terrorist attacks in nearby San Bernardino are the talk of this area. Almost everyone is talking about it and many, many people are also interested in our 2nd Amendment rights. Because many Californians are angry and fearful of terrorism, they are open to the idea of the right to keep and bear arms. Many people have personally told me that they want to purchase a legal firearm to protect their family.

While social conservatism and fundamentalist culture is not very popular throughout the great majority of Californians, the subjects of personal security and civil liberties strike a cord among many people here. I have found that many Californians do not like government regulaion, taxation and intervention in their personal lives. Many are sick and tired of the liberal activism of governor Jerry Brown and his leftist and collectivist cronies in our state capitol of Sacramento. 

Those who want to make a lasting impact and difference in California for the Liberty movement must speak and address the important political issues facing our country in a way that is understandable to people that live here.



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