Why Rand Paul Won the CNN Debate

Senator Rand Paul Showed the Weakness of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio and Stole the Show Again

by Lee Enochs 

As I watched last night’s CNN Republican debate, I was clear to me that Rand Paul is a different kind of Republican and that the GOP is lucky that they have Paul in the U.S. Senate where things are much different than the Republican Presidential primary scenario.

It was clear to me and many other Americans that Rand Paul is not interested in maintaining the Republican party line on a wide variety of subjects and his confrontation with Senator Rubio and Donald Trump during the CNN debate was vintage Rand Paul at his best.

In fact, while Rand Paul may not win the Republican nomination, he clearly showed last night that he is the best and the brightest of all the candidates running for President.

Sure, Marco Rubio is smart and very well spoken, but in reality, Marco Rubio is advocating costly, massive and ineffectual military intervention in a proposed war against ISIS.

Rand Paul was correct also to point out that Marco Rubio wants the American government’s spying and surveillance upon its people to be a regular part of our daily lives.

Senator Paul was also spot on to go on the offensive against the bumbling and clueless front runner Donald Trump who has turned the Republican primary season into his own personal clown car of destruction.

Donald Trump’s comments and conduct in recent weeks has been nothing short of disgraceful by implying that America should discriminate against all Muslims by barring them from entering into our country. Trump’s comparison of his views barring and banning Muslims with those of FDR’s interment of Muslims is tyrannical and horrifying.

It is crying shame that an utter buffoon like Donald Trump is leading in the polls for the Republican nomination. It is clear that Trump’s knowledge and depth on foreign and domestic policy is shallow as the grave he is digging for the GOP should he win the nomination.

Trump also suggests that America should be involved in censoring the internet and advocates things that are clearly unconstitutional and against the bill of rights.

Why in the world are so many conservative Americans supporting a candidate like Donald Trump who is clearly advocating radical big government and racist policies that have nothing to do with American conservatism?

Rand Paul was also spot on to point out that it was America’s arming of the Syrian rebels against Asaad that gave rise to the Islamic State (ISIS).

While Trump, Rubio, Carson and Cruz talk a big interventionist game, Rand Paul’s views are sensible and better than the rest of the Republican field.

Personally, I do not want to see America be involved in another ground war in the Middle East and believe there are other ways to crush ISIS than putting boots on the ground.


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