Merry Christmas and Vote for Rand Paul

by Lee Enochs

“I believe in a government so small, you can’t see it.”
 -Rand Paul


Dear Patriot Friends,

Today is Christmas and on this day of festivities and family bliss, I want to thank God for His grace and blessing in my life. I am honored to be a graduate student at one of the best schools in the world and blessed to that over 150,000 people this year alone have read my articles and blog posts on my various media platforms.

I am also blessed that God allowed me to publish two books this year and make a difference for the cause of liberty throughout the country.

My success at this point in my life has not come easy. In fact, after years of being in the “wilderness,” I can only attribute the popularity of my articles and blog posts to the grace of God. While it is true I kept writing and working hard when very few people believed in me, the fact that so many people would be interested in what I would have to say on politics and current events is nothing short of a miracle.

While I mostly write on liberty issues and the political scene in America, some may be surprised to find out that my primary training is in theological studies and not political philosophy, the later subject of which I have achieved this significant following.

I also attribute much of my success in writing to my undying support for Senator Rand Paul’s presidential bid. I think many people across the country can see that my love and respect for Rand Paul is genuine.

I simply believe Senator Paul is the best candidate running for President because of his commitment to the preserving our civil liberties from the ever expanding federal government and Senator Paul’s desire to sincerely tackle the problem of the national debt.

My message to you is not to give up on Rand Paul and do not give up on your personal goals and dreams. If you aim and are determined to achieve your goals, the sky is the limit. I believe in the maximization of your personal liberty and own potential as American citizens. Because of this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2016 be the greatest year of your life!

Holiday Blessings to You All!

Lee Enochs






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