Happy Birthday to Rand Paul, America’s Best Senator

Thoughts on Liberty in America on Rand Paul’s Birthday

by Lee Enochs


Today is Rand Paul’s birthday.  He was born on January 7, 1963. That makes him a young 53 years old. Without being overly dramatic, I want to wish Senator Paul a great day today. He is, in my humble estimation, the best politician in America hands down.

While he has not gained the traction he may have expected as a Presidential candidate this time around, he has been simply amazing as a U.S. Senator.

America would be far scarier, less free and much worse off place to live if Rand Paul was not in the U.S. Senator simply because it is Rand Paul alone who cries out against government intrusion and overreach against our civil liberties.

Without the libertarian and constitution minded Rand Paul, we might not know that the American people are being spied on by their own government and and without Rand Paul’s influence we might not know that the national debt is now near $19 trillion dollars.

Senator Rand Paul is a man in perpetual motion. A dynamic senator who is an effective agent of change for liberty in the United States of America. For this reason, the Libertarian Shaman wishes Rand Paul a happy birthday.


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