Why Obama Failed on CNN Last Night

Because Obama Has Decided to Circumvent the Constitution and Go Around Congress on Gun Control, He Has Failed the American People

by Lee Enochs

I watched the CNN town hall forum hosted by Anderson Cooper last night. Yes, this conservative Libertarian held his stomach and sat and watched liberal President Barack Obama drone on about gun control.

I believe Barack Obama ultimately failed during this CNN town hall forum because he has a radical misunderstanding of the separation of powers and the consent of the governed.

Let me explain why. America is not a monarchy. We have no kings or queens who rule by fiat decree. Yet, this is precisely what Barack Obama is doing on gun control.

Because Obama cannot get any significant piece of gun control passed in Congress, he has decided to circumvent the constitutionally mandated political process by making unaccountable laws via his highly controversial executive orders.

This is the way Obama has always governed throughout the duration of his Presidency. Take the Affordable Care Act, his signature piece of legislation.

Obama rammed that through congress and made it the law of the land via the “nuclear option,” a very controversial maneuver that allowed Obamacare to become the law of the land without one Republican vote.

Similarly, because Obama has no national consensus on gun control and cannot work with Congress to get his gun control measures passed, he has decided to go around the members of congress in a way, I would argue, that the framers of the U.S. Constitution never envisioned.

Obama ultimately failed during last night’s CNN town hall forum and throughout his Presidency, because he believes in an “imperial presidency” and operates on powers that far exceed his Constitutional mandate.

There are three branches of government for a reason. Our system of checks and balances limits the President from making laws by fiat decree. Because Obama is so liberal and has alienated conservative members of Congress, he has no hope of passing significant gun control legislation.

Obama’s views on gun control are not held by all Americans and reflect the desires of the left only. Obama failed on CNN last night and is a failure of a President because he is ultimately not the President of all the people but of the progressive left.

Obama needs to work within the constraints of the Constitution and work with Democrats and Republicans alike to effect lasting change in America.

Yes, Barack Obama failed on CNN tonight because he is not our king. To pass laws in America, he needs the consent of the governed and the will of all Americans.






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