Why Rand Paul is the Best Choice for College Students (and Everybody Else)! By Kyle F. Brown

I originally wanted to write an article on why Rand Paul is the best presidential choice for college students. I realized though that the same reasons he’s the best choice for college students is the same reasons he’s the best choice for seniors and women and the LGBT community and evangelicals and virtually every demographic or walk of life. He’s the candidate- republican or Democrat- that will stand up and defend your civil liberties.  He going to defend the entire Bill of Rights.  He’s going to completely overhaul the tax code andcreate millions of jobs and end the IRS. Senator Paul is the only candidate that won’t take us back to war to continue nation building and regime change that has led to the rise of ISIS  and had costed us billions while seeing no improvement.  For my fellow college students, Dr. Paul intends to shut down the Dept. of Education and let state and local educational departments oversee the schools and universities reigning in our oversized federal government.  I believe Rand’s message has resonated mightily with college students, , being why you’re seeing the Iowa 10,000, ten thousand committed college students coming out to caucus for Rand!  Rand Paul is the best choice, not only for college students but for our republic, and our country. received_10205478686225818


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