Rand Paul, Audit the Fed, the Debate, and endorsements

A lot of noteworthy things have gone down around Senator Paul and his presidential bid in the last 48 hours.  First and foremost the Senate voted on Audit the Fed yesterday and sadly democrats didn’t support the effort and it failed to pass.  I think the most interesting aspect of the entire vote is that Ted Cruz (fellow  senator and presidential candidate and cosponsor of this bill!) failed to show up to work in true Marco Rubio fashion to cast his vote on a bill in which he cosponsored.

The Fox Business Network announced their lineup for their debates on Thursday night.   Despite Rand’s clear meeting of their criteria designed to keep him out,  they still gave him the business and tried to demote him to the undercard debate.  The campaign decided to boycott the debate, start a petition,  and “give them war” if they wanted war.  Rand has a top tier campaign and today’s endorsement by the Republican Liberty Caucus proves just that!  I believe the media is lying to us to shape opinions and outcomes.  Don’t believe the propaganda you’re being fed.  A Des Moines Register poll came out today with Rand alone in fifth place which even further proves his eligibility.  The Paul campaign has gotten in touch with Fox News and Republican Leadership to include this poll which was conducted prior to the Jan 10 deadline and put him in the prime time debate.  I personally am boycotting the debate unless they give Rand a fair shake.

By Kyle F. Brown


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