Stand for Liberty and Vote for Rand Paul!

A Vote for Rand Paul is a vote for your personal liberty and freedom!

by Lee Enochs


Today, I am declaring for all who will listen, that I am voting for Rand Paul.


Not that this will be a surprise to anyone. I immediately decided that I was voting for Rand Paul and supporting Senator Paul as soon as he announced he was running for President. I believe in Rand Paul and support his unique liberty-centered campaign for President. I am a true believer and this blog post is for the true believers out there whoever you are. This post is for the hard core Rand Paul supporters out there. I know you. I am one of you…

This is for all those who have supported Rand Paul from the beginning.

This for the true believers…

This for the patriots out there.

This is for the non-conformists who will not bow their knees to the GOP establishment…

This is for all those who stand for liberty, who think outside the box and will do what it takes for freedom no matter what the price. I believe in you!

This one goes out to all those who want freedom and autonomy from government, who want to do what they want to do without big brother breathing down their neck, trying to tell them what to do, where to go, what to think, what to buy and what to believe.

My name is Lee Enochs and I am voting for Rand Paul because Senator Paul stands for maximizing personal liberty and minimizing the power and authority of the federal government.




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