Stand With and Fight for the Rand R3volution!

With just over two weeks left until Iowa begins the electing process, now is crunch time to pull out all the stops to propel Rand to victory!

The Iowa caucus is February 1st and there shortly follows New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. On March 1st is Super Tuesday where multiple states will hold their primaries and at this stage everything is up for grabs! Rand has the ground game to shock the establishment and pull out a victory in any or all of these states.

With over 1,000 precinct chairs in Iowa and 500 plus people leading the fight in New Hampshire I believe despite polling we are a lock for the top 3 in Iowa but we want victory nationwide!

We need to ensure that we make this a victory for liberty and Rand Paul. If you have a spare dollar, donate. If you get a day off, make phone calls. Skip that Starbucks coffee or that movie rental and make an investment into your liberty.

Whatever you can do, weather it be donate, make calls, write an article, talk about Rand around the water cooler or in study hall at college, do it! Voters are making their decisions now and it’s coming down to the wire. It’s up to you!

Stand with Rand!

– Kyle F. Brown


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