Why Did the Police Kill LaVoy Finicum?

Serious Questions Remain as to Why Oregon Shot and Killed Rancher


Why did Oregon Police open fire and kill rancher Lavoy Finicum? I just watched the aerial video, and I am telling you right now, the police account of this ordeal does not add up and square with what I observed with my own eyes.

Oregon police killed Robert LaVoy Finicum after law enforcement stopped the Mormon rancher as he  and the protest group he was part of was stopped by police on Highway 395 as they headed towards a public meeting. Five of Finicum’s associates were arrested at the scene of the shooting.

Oregon State Police said an investigation was being carried out into what it described as a “officer-involved shooting,” following protocols used “when deadly physical force is used.” The FBI and state police said they had conducted a law enforcement procedure.

It still not clear to me why the police stopped Finicum, who was a father of 11 children.

At this point, I remain highly skeptical of the police account. I need more evidence that Finicum acted aggressively and this act of extreme force was indeed justified. Stay tuned.










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