Why the Pope Needs to Stop Talking About Donald Trump


The Pope Needs to Stay Out of American Politics 

In one of his most controversial comments, According to CNN, Pope Francis said Thursday that GOP front-runner Donald Trump “is not Christian” if he calls for the deportation of undocumented immigrants and pledges to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

CNN states that Pope Francis,  was returning  back to Rome from Mexico, where he urged the United States to address the “humanitarian crisis” on its southern border, did not tell American Catholics not to vote for Trump.

There are many problems with Pope Francis’ comments, the most obvious is that the Pope himself lives behind massive walls in his majestic palace in the Vatican. It is hypocritical for Francis to tell the Donald that he is not a Christian for wanting to build a wall across the American border when he himself lives behind a wall to keep people out.

The second glaring problem with the Pope’s comments is that Pope Francis is not the final word about the reality of Donald Trump’s Christianity.

While in previous century’s the Pope may have thought he had the power and keys to Christ’s kingdom to pontificate about who was a true follower of Christ, the truth of the matter is, Francis is just the leader of his particular religious organization and nothing else. Francis is not the head and leader of every Christian as some Catholics maintain.

In the present pluralistic age, Pope Francis’ views seem to be overly political and dogmatic. Many Americans view the pope with suspicion and do not believe he should have interjected himself into the  political affairs of the United States.

It is very obvious the Pope has a radically leftist political agenda that he wanted to interject into the current Presidential race in the United States, yet he may have overstepped his authority on this one.

I personally believe that only God can know if Donald Trump is a true Christian or not.




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