Stop Trying to Define Libertarianism For Me

A word to the  so-called Libertarian “gatekeepers” who like to call everyone they disagree with a “Neo-Con.”

By Lee Enochs 

I live and go to graduate school in Princeton, New Jersey, a historic college town famous throughout the earth for it’s academic rigor and for hosting some of the most important intellectuals the world has ever known. Brilliant scholars such as Albert Einstein, Alan Turing and John Nash all studied here and carried out their prodigious academic work here.

I graduated at the top of my college class with highest academic honors as an undergraduate and chose to study here because I love ideas and intellectual discourse.

I traffic in the world of ideas, have published two books on political philosophy and have spent a lifetime thinking through and revising my political ideas. Needless to say, I have been taken back a little lately by certain troll-like insidious individuals, who dwell in the unaccountable and darkened recesses of the Internet, who have called into question my ability to produce and put forth a cognizant and coherent libertarian political philosophy.

For the public record, I am fully aware of my political philosophy and its implications. I have thought long and hard about Libertarianism and have been highly active online in recent years in the communication of small government ideological principles because I believe America is in grave political and economic trouble and am trying to do my part to stave of my country’s almost certain implosion and impending demise.

I have carefully studied the history, content and implications of Libertarian though and in fact and carefully considering earning a doctorate in political philosophy to further unravel Libertarianism’s finer points in order to maximize my impact upon the American political system. So, I would advise my alleged Libertarian “purist” detractors from lecturing me on the meaning and nature of authentic Libertarianism.

I get that some of you might not like the fact that I often refer to my Christian faith in articulating my vision of Libertarianism. I understand that some of you do not believe Libertarianism should be harmonized with Christianity.

While I fully comprehend your sentiments, do not accuse me of not putting forth a coherent political philosophy. I am aware that there is an atheistic element to many of my Libertarian friends and believe we all can get along since we are all attempting to put forth small government and non-interventionist views to the broader culture.

I know that some of my detractors do not like that I appreciate Rand Paul and do not believe Senator Paul is an “authentic Libertarian.” I get that and am aware with Rand Paul’s deviation from some Libertarian principles and lack of apparent consistency with Libertarianism. Yet, do not make the mistake of thinking that my respect for Rand Paul means that I agree with him on everything. In fact, I am closer to where his father, Ron Paul is than where Rand is.

Also, stop trying to define what Libertarianism is for me. I get that some of you think I am a “Neo-Con” who traffics in Libertarian circles online. For the record, such an accusation is laughable because my detractors have never spoken to me personally. I am adamantly in support of the smallest government possible. I believe in minimal government and maximum Liberty, period.

I know that some might not think my Libertarianism is  pure enough for them. I understand that. I choose to work with Libertarians and every American who loves Liberty irrespective if they pass some imaginary and arbitrary litmus test of Libertarian authenticity some sloven guy in his underwear, sitting in his parents has concocted in his fertile mind.

Chill out dudes and get some gainful employment. Stop trying to define what Libertarianism is for everyone else and try to make a positive contribution to society. Your attempt to being my master and Libertarianism’s gatekeeper is not working for you.




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