Is Gary Johnson Really Presidential Material?


by Lee Enochs 


Recently I sat down and watched the Fox Business Network’s Libertarian Forum hosted by John Stossel and I have to admit that I went away perflexed about Gary Johnson.

As a life-long Libertarian, I went away less than impressed with Johnson. Like a crazy but fun favorite uncle, Johnson seemed a bit out of control and quirky for my tastes.

For all the criticism leveled by some Libertarians against Austin Petersen, I would have to argue that of the three candidates running for the nomination of the Libertarian Party, Petersen seemed like the adult in the room.

John McAfee seemed very similar to Gary Johnson, fun to listen to but not even close to being actual presidential material.

Gary Johnson, with his omnipresent hyperactivity, seemed to be all over the place during the Libertarian forum and his answers to Stossel’s questions at times were surreal.

I went away wondering if Gary Johnson was actually still high on the marijuana he professes to smoke from time to time (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Despite vigorous efforts by Petersen and McAfee to unseat him, Gary Johnson will almost certainly win the nomination again and will become the nominee for President for the Libertarian Party (again).

But is this a good thing? While Johnson is getting a great deal of publicity of late and doing pretty well in the polls, does anyone really think Johnson has any chance in hell of being our next President.

Therein lies the rub. Will the Libertarian Party always be this quaint and unorganized little political association, or will it one day become a truly viable power broker on the national stage?

I think Gary Johnson is a good man, with a lot of good ideas, but I am just not certain he is Presidential material by any stretch of the imagination.


Lee Enochs (B.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), is the founder and Editor-in-chief of the Libertarian Shaman, a cutting edge media enterprise dedicated to  the small government principles of minimal government and maximum freedom. Lee is also the managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine and is a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey where he studies political philosophy and theology. A published author, Lee’s books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and, “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism,” can be purchased at


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