Just Who the Hell is John McAfee?

Libertarians Need to Ask Some Serious Questions About the Renegade Tech Guru John McAfee

by Lee Enochs 

Just who the hell is John McAfee?

This question and more went through my mind as I watched John Stossel’s Libertarian Presidential Forum late last week.

Is John McAfee a cocaine cowboy?

My interest peaked even more when Stossel himself raised some serious questions about McAfee’s biography.

Wired Magazine where this picture is taken from, reports that:

On 5 December 2012,  the famous spyware guru John McAfee was arrested in Guatemala for illegally entering the country. Belizean police also wanted to speak to him in connection with the murder of his neighbour.

These are serious allegations that if even close to being true, would preclude Mr. McAfee from being a viable Presidential candidate.

McAfee admits to frequent cocaine in his early days and his answers to Stossel’s questions last week seem to be on the esoteric side.

With this bizarre and suspect background, I am left wondering just why the Libertarian national party would let McAfee run for office and if it is a serious political party when it allows an absolute gonzo figure like McAfee be apart of its most important venue ever.

Just who is John McAfee and is there any truth to reports that McAfee is a wanted criminal and fugitive from justice?

Just what kind of nonsense is the Libertarian Party allowing to transpire here?

I get that Libertarians want to legalize drugs but do they really want a man with a suspect past such as McAfee’s, potentially representing them across the nation?




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