New York Values Comments May Cause Cruz to Lose the Nomination

Ted Cruz’s Comments About “New York Values” Are Haunting Him Now and May Cause Him to Lose the Nomination

by Lee Enochs

Ted Cruz may have lost the Republican nomination on Janurary 14, 2016, he just does not know it yet.

That was the day he made his ill-advised “New York Values” comments. Donald Trump in turn pounced on Cruz’s attack on New York and waxed eloquent about the greatness and resilience of New Yorkers in the aftermath of 9/11.

Now Cruz faces the daunting prospect of campaigning for votes in the very state he attacked back in January

The New York primary will occur on April 19 with 95 Republican delegates and 291 Democratic delegates up for grabs.

The delegates will be awarded proportionally, meaning Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich

However, it is also possible that Trump will win the New York primary in a massive landslide and get the vast majority of the 95 delegates.

The Trump campaign is already saying for all to hear that they expect to win about 85 delegates. If so, that may be enough to put the nomination out of reach for Ted Cruz.

Trump currently has 743 of the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the GOP nomination. Cruz has 517 and Ohio Gov. John Kasich 143.Clinton has 1,748 delegates to Sanders’ 1,058.

Polling shows Trump has a hefty lead in New York, with 52 percent of the support from likely Republican primary voters. Kasich is in second with 32 percent followed by Cruz at  a dismal 17 percent.

Cruz’s unwise comments about “New York Values” may be the very thing that causes him to put the nomination out of reach for him. 

If Trump wins New York in a massive landslide and picks up over 80 delegates, that would cause Cruz to trail Trump by 300 delegates with only 700 more on the board.

Ted Cruz is a hated man throughout the Empire State right now and his stupid comments about the values of New Yorkers has caused it to be open season on Cruz in the the New York City media.


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