Why Austin Petersen is a Better Libertarian Candidate than Gary Johnson

After a Dominating Breakout Performance on the Nationally Televised Libertarian Forum Hosted by John Stossel, Fast Rising Austin Petersen Appears to be the Best Candidate to Take the Libertarian Party into the Mainstream and Start Winning Elections 

By Lee Enochs 

The Libertarian Shaman 


The reign of Gary Johnson is over. While Johnson may still squeak by and win the Libertarian Party’s nomination in this fall’s presidential election, the real star of the Libertarian Party right now is the dynamic Austin Petersen.

It may take Austin Petersen an election cycle or two to hone his craft, but it is clear that America has never seen the likes of a Libertarian candidate with the looks, youth and dynamism of Austin Petersen.

Gary Johnson’s statement on the Stossel forum in which he said that he would force a Jewish baker to make a cake for a Nazi has left me and many others with the impression that Johnson is less than orthodox in his Libertarianism.

While Petersen is staunchly libertarian in all his views, his ability to breakout into the mainstream  popular culture makes him the present day equivalent of John F. Kennedy, who many in 1960 similarly were asserting that Kennedy was too youthful and in experienced to be  President.

Austin Petersen’s pro-life and pro-capitalist positions are causing many Liberty-leaning conservatives to take note.

On the other hand, Gary Johnson’s pro-abortion views are a real negative for many Liberty conservatives.

Gary Johnson on Abortion and the Right to Life:

I support women’s rights to choose up until viability of the fetus. I’ve supported the notion of parental notification. I’ve supported counseling and I’ve supported the notion that public funds not be used for abortions. But I don’t want for a second to pretend that I have a better idea of how a woman should choose when it comes to this situation. Fundamentally this is a choice that a woman should have.

Source: Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone Magazine , June 15, 2011

On the other hand, Austin Petersen defends the lives of the unborn.

Petersen’s campaign website says that he encourages a culture of life and adoption and wants to educate Americans about a “consistent pro-life ethic.”

If Libertarians are really serious about ever winning elections, they need to be free of quaint and quacky candidates like Gary Johnson and put forward mainstream candidates without the idiosyncrasies. Austin Petersen appears to be one such Libertarian candidate.

Austin Petersen, the orthododox Libertarian is also adept at mass media and has the photogenic presentation skills to take the Libertaian Party to the next level.



Lee Enochs (B.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), is a Libertarian writer and activist living, going to graduate school and loving life in Princeton, New Jersey. Lee is also managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine and is Editor-in chief of “The Libertarian Shaman.” Lee is the author of two books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism.”








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