Why Libertarians Should Drop Gary Johnson Like a Bad Habit and Vote for Austin Petersen

By Lee Enochs 


The Libertarian Shaman 

In a little over a month, Libertarians across this country will decide who our nominee for President will be.

The United States 2016 Libertarian National Convention, in which delegates of the Libertarian Party choose the party’s nominees for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States in the 2016 national election, is scheduled to be held 26–30 May 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

I know many Libertarians who are going to Orlando to vote for Gary Johnson but have personally told me that they are open to voting for Austin Petersen and are keeping an open mind.

My question for you my Libertarian friend, is just exactly why are you voting for Gary Johnson?

Did you watch the Libertarian Forum hosted by John Stossel a few weeks ago?

Deep down inside you know that Gary Johnson is not presidential material.  In that Forum, Johnson was all over the place. He was rambling and frankly a bit out of control. Many of Gary’s responses to Stossel’s questions were puzzling and outright troubling.

Case in point, do we Libertarians really want a Nominee who would force the federal government to make a Jewish baker to make a cake for a Nazi???

Johnson does and I believe that is much of the problem with Gary. Yes, he is quirky and funny at times, but is really articulating a minimal government / maximum freedom approach to America’s problems?

Austin Petersen, on the other hand, though less known than Gary Johnson, seemed much more coherent and cogent.

I was frankly blown away by Petersen’s grasp of the issues and felt after watching the Stossel Forum, he was a far better Libertarian candidate than Johnson.

Watch the Forum again. It’s on YouTube, see for yourself.

Afterwards, drop everything and vote for Austin Petersen. He is the best Libertarian candidate running for President by a big margin.



Lee Enochs is the editor-in-chief of the Libertarian Shaman, a cutting edge media enterprise dedicated to communicating minimum government and maximum freedom Libertarian principle to contemporary society through social media. Lee graduated with highest academic honors from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (B.A., Humanities, the College of Southwestern) and is current a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey. Lee is also the managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine and has served as the CEO and President of Conservatives for California and the Evangelical Debate Society.  Over the last year, more than 250, 000 people have read Lee’s articles, blog posts and watched his Libertarian videos. Lee Enochs is the Libertarian Shaman and brings Liberty to the masses.




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