Austin Petersen is the Future of the Libertarian Party

For the Libertarian Party in America to Take the Next Major Step and Actually Win Elections, It Needs Candidates Like Austin Petersen that Can Connect with Mainstream Voters

by Lee Enochs 

Austin Petersen is the future of the Libertarian Party.  Young, photogenic and unquestionably media savvy, Austin Petersen has everything it takes to connect with young Americans across the country and has done so exceptionally through his “Libertarian Republican” media enterprise.

In an increasingly advancing technological and celebrity obsessed culture,  contemporary political candidates must use the medium of social media with great effectiveness to convey their views to society.

Case in point, almost a billion people  a day use Facebook on a daily basis to connect with friends and interact with the world.

Of all the candidates running for the Libertarian Party nomination this year, none use social media and connect with his or her audience like Austin Petersen.

Yes, John McAfee  may know cyber-security, but Austin Petersen can convey his views through cyberspace better than McAfee and Gary Johnson.

It must be remembered that Barack Obama soundly defeated John McCain (who did not even know how to turn on a computer) and Mitt Romeny in the 2008 and 2012 national elections largely because Obama was able to communicate his message to millions of voters through mass media.

If Libertarians are interested at all at actually winning elections they must use social media and other venues of entertainment to communicate their message on a massive scale.

Media matters, and Austin Petersen and the way he connects with culture is the wave of the future.

It does not matter a hill of beans if a person has a cogent Libertarian philosophy if he or she cannot communicate  effectively with voters in contemporary society.





Lee Enochs is the editor-in-chief of the Libertarian Shaman, a cutting edge media enterprise dedicated to communicating minimum government and maximum freedom Libertarian principle to contemporary society through social media. Lee has been interested in presenting his views via mass media since appearing on “Mort Crim’s Free For All” TV show on Detroit’s WDIV (Channel 4) network as seventeen year old high school student and after hosting his own political talk radio show in Southern California. Lee graduated with highest academic honors from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (B.A., Humanities, the College of Southwestern) and is current a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey. Lee is also the managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine and has served as the CEO and President of Conservatives for California and the Evangelical Debate Society. Lee is an accomplished writer whose many articles have appeared in many leading newspapers and magazines across the country. Lee is also the author of the dynamic books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and “A Bblical Defense of Capitalism.” Over the last year, more than 250,000 people have read Lee’s articles, blog posts and watched his Libertarian videos. Lee Enochs is the Libertarian Shaman and brings Liberty to the masses. A Bible believing Christian, Lee stands for Liberty for the glory of God.






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