It’s Time for Ted Cruz to Give it Up, It’s Over

Ted Cruz is Living in a Dream World if He Thinks He Can Stop Donald Trump Now 

by Lee Enochs 

The Libertarian Shaman 


In an act of sheer desperation, Texas Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz formally named Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate Wednesday — a last-ditch move to regain momentum after being mathematically eliminated from winning the GOP presidential nomination outright.

Cruz faught a good fight, but there is simply no way for him to get the nomination at this point barring something catastrophic happening to Donald Trump before the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump now has 987 delegates to Cruz’s 562. With 583 delegates left to win, it is wishful thinking on Cruz’s part to think that Donald Trump will not get 249 of those 583 remaining delegates out there.

Trump needs about 40% of the delegates going forward to clinch the Republican nomination.

There is absolutely no indication that the remaining primary states won’t go to the Donald as well.

Put a fork in  Cruz’s campaign for president. It’s over Ted.

Ted Cruz’s  silly ploy in choosing Carly Fiorina before the convention is utterly preposterous  because barring an act of God, Donald Trump will be the nominee for the Republican Party.

I personally don’t care. I am just not appreciative of Ted Cruz’s brand of socially conservative fundamentalism.

The tragedy of Ted Cruz is that sacrificed much of his brilliant intellect that made him a national debate champion at Princeton and helped him excel at Harvard Law School.

Instead of camapaigning as a constitutional stalwart, he threw it all away by rolling the dice and siding with Evangelical fundamentalists.

While that may have served him well in Iowa and Texas, the East Coast and many other moderate states wanted nothing to do with his wide-eyed and wacky religiosity.

Ted Cruz  also voted to renew the patriot act, so he is dead to me.

He didn’t even show up for the Audit the Fed vote in the Senate, so he is worthless to me.

Ted Cruz sold out Liberty months ago.



Lee Enochs is the editor-in-chief of the Libertarian Shaman, a cutting edge media enterprise dedicated to communicating minimum government and maximum freedom Libertarian principle to contemporary society through social media.

Lee has been interested in presenting his views via mass media since appearing on “Mort Crim’s Free For All” TV show on Detroit’s WDIV (Channel 4) network as seventeen year old high school student and after hosting his own political talk radio show in Southern California. Lee graduated with highest academic honors from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (B.A., Humanities, the College of Southwestern) and is current a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey. Lee is also the managing editor of Liberty Conservatives Magazine and has served as the CEO and President of Conservatives for California and the Evangelical Debate Society. Lee is an accomplished writer whose many articles have appeared in many leading newspapers and magazines across the country. Lee is also the author of the dynamic books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism.” Over the last year, more than 250,000 people have read Lee’s articles, blog posts and watched his Libertarian videos. Lee Enochs is the Libertarian Shaman and brings Liberty to the masses. A Bible believing Christian, Lee stands for Liberty for the glory of God.





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