Why I am Glad Bernie Sanders Won’t Be President

Bernie Sanders is the Worst Major Party Candidate in the History of America

By Lee Enochs 


Recently a millennial college student demanded that I abandon my conservative and Libertarian views and vote for Bernie Sanders. I subsequently told this brash young woman that I would rather die than vote for Sanders and would not cast a ballot for Bernie under any circumstance ever.

While I know it is the cool and popular thing to do in a college town like Princeton, New Jersey to vote for Sanders, I ultimately oppose the Vermont Senator with every fiber of my being.

I utterly reject Sanders understanding of our relationship to the state. I do not believe, as Sanders maintains that the federal government should be in the business of giving its citizens cradle to the grave entitlements.

To provide for the social services that Bernie Sanders believes every American citizen has a right to, such as free education and health care, that federal government must extract money from us through high taxation.

Bernie Sanders ultimately believes in radical wealth redistribution where the more fortunate among us are taxed at a staggering rate and the revenue from this taxation is in turn spent on perpetuating the welfare state and all its social programs and entitlements.

Sanders wanted to fundamentally change the way the American people live and relate to their government and wanted the federal government to tightly control the means of production in our American society.

Bernie Sanders is ultimately a closet socialist that wants to the government to control almost every aspect of our lives.

I say good riddance to Bernie Sanders, I reject such statism and external social controls on the American people.

I am a Libertarian, I believe in a very minimalist view of government interference in our private and economic lives.

Sanders ultimately believes we are servants to the socialist state.


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