Austin Petersen is Clearly the Best Libertarian Presidential Candidate

The Best and the Brightest: Why Austin Petersen is the Best Libertarian Presidential Candidate

By Lee Enochs

With the likelihood of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination and facing Hillary Clinton in this fall’s general election increasing on a daily basis, many Liberty-minded conservatives are looking outside the traditional two-party system for a candidate that best reflects their views.

While many disaffected Republicans may think their best option is voting for perennial Libertarian Party candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is their best option, I would like to argue here that Austin Petersen, the clear winner of the nationally televised Libertarian debate forum hosted by John Stossel a few weeks ago.

Austin Petersen, in my estimation is clearly the best option for conservatives who won’t vote for Donald Trump for any reason and are looking outside the two-party system for a viable candidate that best reflects their views.

Austin Petersen is consistently Libertarian in all his views, championing free-market capitalism, non-intervention and the right to be left alone from the government. Petersen believes the best government is the least amount of government.

And unlike many other Libertarian candidates, Austin Petersen is rock solid in support of the right to life.

Petersen’s campaign website says that he “Encourages a culture of life, and adoption, and educate Americans about the “consistent pro-life ethic,” which also means abolishing the death penalty.”

Because of Austin Petersen’s “consistent pro-life ethic,” I have endorsed his candidacy for the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party.

To all you delegates out there that are on the fence and still undecided as to which of the candidates running for the Libertarian Party nomination, look nowhere else. Austin Petersen is the best Libertarian candidate running for President.

Austin Petersen is the real deal. Check out his campaign website. He is an outstanding Libertarian Presidential candidate. One of the best ever. See for yourself.


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