Why Ted Cruz Should Drop Out Now

Ted Cruz Has Lost Badly in Indiana and Should Now Drop Out of the Race and Crawl Back Under the Rock From Which He Came 

By Lee Enochs 

Indianapolis –

In a crushing blow to his fast fading Presidential aspirations, Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas firebrand who openly courted Evangelical fundamentalist to his quixotic  campaign, has lost in stunning fashion to real estate and reality television billionaire Donald Trump.

While the carnage is still being reported,  CNN and the New York Times report that Donald Trump will pick up all of Indiana’s 57 delegates by virtue of the fact that Donald Trump has beaten Ted Cruz 57% to 34%. Ohio Govenor John Kasich finished a dismal third with roughly 9% of the vote.

The handwriting is on the wall for Cruz and Kasich and they should submit to the will of the Republican voters who have crushed their political ambitions for the White House.

There is just no stopping the Donald now. He is virtually assured now of being the GOP nominee.

I for one and voting for the Libertarian Party nominee, so I could care less that Trump beat Cruz.



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