Sorry Rand Paul, But I Am Voting for Austin Petersen

Because I Want My Vote to Count, I No Longer Plan to Vote for Rand Paul for President as a Write In Candidate and Have Decided to Support Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen 

Why I am Taking a Walk on the Libertarian Ninja’s Side

By Lee Enochs 

The Libertarian Shaman 


I love Rand Paul. So much so, I have dedicated literally hundreds of hours of my free time to helping Rand Paul get elected President.

My love for Rand Paul and his father, Ron will never wane. I owe Senator Rand Paul a debt that I can never repay.

In many ways Rand Paul’s stands for Liberty and against the Patriot Act have set me free.

As Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

I had fully intended to write Rand Paul’s name in on the presidential ballot come general election time, but I think I will vote for Austin Petersen then if he can pass Gary Johnson and win the Libertarian Presidential nomination in a few weeks.

My evolution to being a full blown Austin Petersen supporter has taken a lot of time, but Petersen’s stands on Liberty issues are very similar to mine and I have been impressed with him since seeing him win the Libertarian Presidential debate forum hosted by John Stossel on Fox Business Network.

However, if the rumors that Rand Paul will ultimately endorse Donald Trump for President are founded on fact, I will for sure vote for Austin Petersen, again, if he wins the nomination of his party.

I want my vote to count and right now the Libertarian Party is exploding in popularity accross the country. I believe a vote for Austin Petersen and the Libertarian Party will help show America that Libertarianism is a legitimate political movement rather taking an unnoticed stand for Rand Paul.

Sorry Rand, I am voting for Austin Petersen.


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