Why Evangelicals Should Vote for Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen

Are You an Evangelical Christian and are Bummed Out About Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and other Conservative Presidential Candidates Dropping Out of the Race for President? Evangelicals and other Conservatives Should Look at the Platform and Views of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen

By Lee Enochs

The Libertarian Shaman  

I am an Evangelical Christian. My faith in Christ is the most important thing about who I am. In fact, I do not see any contradiction between my faith in Christ and my Libertarian political philosophy and believe they both complement and supplement each other.

I personally believe as a Libertarian, that the best government is the least amount of government and strongly advocate minimum government and maximum freedom because unlike Bernie Sanders and his young socialist and slacker disciples, I do not believe we should look to the federal government to provide for our every need. I believe we should be self-sufficient and work by the sweat of our brows for our own food and drink (Genesis 3:19).

As the Apostle Paul said, “”If a man does not work, neither shall he eat” (1 Thessalonians 3:10), and “If one does not care for his own, he is worse than an unbeliever and denied the faith” (1 Timothy 5:8).

Furthermore, I am a Bible believing Evangelical Christian who believes in the historic doctrine of the Trinity, justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone and the authority of the Holy Scriptures alone.

I believe “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17) and that neither is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven by which we might be saved (Acts 4:12).

I also believe, “That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” (Romans 10:9-10).

“For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

“For by grace you have been saved through faith and not that of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works lest anyone should be boast” (Ephesians 2:8-9),

As an Evangelical Christian with great love and respect for the Protestant Reformation led by the magisterial Reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin, I believe that we are justified by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone based on the authority of Scripture alone for the glory of God alone.

The last phrase, I made mention, “for the glory of God alone,” is crucial since the Bible says, “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through” (Colossians 3:17). Also, the Bible says, ” Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

As a Bible believing Evangelical Christian, I also want my views on politics to be informed by my Christian faith. I strongly support and defend the U.S. Constitution that safeguards freedom of religion and freedom of association.

Fidelity to the U.S Constitution is fundamentally important since without this non-negotiable and bedrock foundation of American democracy we are at the arbitrary mercy of the tyrannical forces of secularism.

As the Psalmist says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3).

Since Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have suspended their Presidential campaigns, the only candidate left of any of the parties that best exemplifies conservative and constitutional fidelity is Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen who was recently interviewed by several leasing conservative leaders and publications including Glen Beck and Charisma Magazine.

Austin Petersen has a platform that is far more conservative than the views of the major two party candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Austin Petersen’s Platform:

Taxes & Spending—”Reduce economic inequality by lowering barriers to entry in the marketplace, licensing, taxation, and fees. Urge congress to adopt the “Penny Plan,” across the board spending cuts of 1 percent per program.

Abolish the existing, complicated tax code that discriminates against the most productive Americans, and replace it with a simple, flat tax at the lowest rate necessary to support the core functions of government. Seek voluntary ways to fund public services where possible, lotteries, tolls, etc.”

National Defense & Military—”Strengthen national security by reducing/ending foreign aid to nations hostile to the USA. Reconsider overseas troop deployments in areas not important to U.S. national security, and audit the Pentagon. Reform the Veteran’s Affairs administration. The American people have sacrificed enough blood and treasure in the Middle East. No more nation building. Obey the Constitution, and only go to war if it’s declared by Congress. Consider constitutional Letters of Marque and Reprisal to deal with terrorists.”

Trade—”Lower barriers to trade with foreign nations, and allow American companies the leeway they need to develop domestic energy production, in order to create good-paying jobs at home.”

Monetary Policy—”Audit the Federal Reserve first. End it through competition last. Institute a Monetary Commission devoted to studying the implications of replacing central banking with “Free Banking,” and abolishing laws of legal tender. Allow gold and silver to circulate as a currency, removing them from the commodity list, and make precious metal coins free of taxation. Let digital currencies compete against Federal Reserve notes.”

Immigration—”Streamline our immigration system by following updated Ellis Island-styled protocols. Security check. Disease check. Done.”

Constitutional Priorities—”Work with Congress to institute new protocols that will protect national security while placing the balance of weight towards due process and individual rights. Rein in the NSA, and demand accountability in our security agencies so as to protect our 4th Amendment rights.”

Crime & Punishment—”Reclassify the war on drugs as a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Deschedule all drugs at the federal level and end the federal War on Drugs once and for all.”

Entitlement Reform—”Allow young people to opt out of Social Security.”

Health Care—”Overturn Obamacare. Seek out market alternatives to problems of health and wellness.”

Protecting Life—”Encourage a culture of life, and adoption, and educate Americans about the ‘consistent pro-life ethic,’ which also means abolishing the death penalty.”

Since Ted Cruz dropped out of the race last week, many conservatives across the country have joined the Libertarian Party and are starting to find out about the conservative and constitutional views of Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen whom many conservatives believe is the last constitutional and Liberty minded candidate left.


Lee Enochs (B.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), is the Editor-In-Chief of the Libertarian Shaman is currently a graduate student at Princeton Theological Seminary. Lee is also the author of “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism,” and “The Case for Rand Paul.” Lee’s Op/Ed pieces have appeared in several different magazines including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Modern Reformation,  Whittier Daily News, Liberty Conservatives Magazine and the Libertarian Republic.








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