How Ron Paul Changed Austin Petersen’s Life

“Ron Paul is the single reason I am here today. His inspiration in 2008 was what launched my political activism, and I owe him a lifetime debt of gratitude for his principled, fearless stands that I can only hope to emulate.”

Austin Petersen on How Ron Paul Changed His Life


On the Campaign Trail With Austin Petersen

An Exclusive 

By Lee Enochs 


Austin Petersen is a disciple of Ron Paul and he is proud of it. The Libertarian Republic founder and current candidate for the Presidential Nomination of the Libertarian Party just moments ago told me that he owes Ron Paul a debt he can never fully repay.

Petersen also gave me two rare photographs from 2008 when he was a 27 year old Libertarian activist who raised over $1 million dollars for Ron Paul’s epic Presidential campaign.

There is particular line of thinking out there conveyed by some members of the Libertarian Party, that Austin Petersen is new to party participation and political activism.

Nothing could be more further from the truth since the politically astute Austin Petersen has been a diligent Libertarian activist for over ten years and helped build  former Fox News Television commentator Judge Napolitano’s Facebook fan base to over 800,000 people when Petersen worked for the judge.

Petersen also told me last week that he learned how to discuss Libertarian politics in a clear and concise manner initially through discussing his political views on New York City’s subway platforms.

Petersen has come a long ways since those days and now is mounting one of the best political campaigns since Ron Paul himself ran for President on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988.

Petersen has been highly successful at communicating the message of Libertarianism to millennials and other young people through social media.

I have found Austin Petersen to be one of the most accessible political candidates I have ever observed.

Petersen always has his hand on the pulse of what is currently being discussed on the Libertarian blogosphere and has a unique ability to convey Libertarianism’s message of minimal government and maximum freedom to new audiences as demonstrated by his winning performance on Stossel’s debate forum a few weeks ago and through countless interviews he is giving the media these days.

Like Ron Paul in 1988, Austin Petersen is a highly effective ambassador of Libertarianism to contemporary society.

Since Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign over a week ago, Austin Petersen has become a Libertarian rock star of sorts as many people throughout America see him as the last candidate that actually cares about Liberty and principle left in the race.

Austin Petersen is a great representative of Libertarianism to the American people and is doing his best to continue the legacy of his hero, Ron Paul.


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