How an Outlaw Biker Turned Me on To Ron Paul and Libertarianism

(Fort Worth, Texas)

I have always been a Libertarian but what really got me into Ron Paul and contemporary American Libertarianism was an outlaw biker guy named Kenny Kirk who lives down in Fort Worth Texas.

Kenny is one of the owners of Chopper Supply Co. Located near the historic Stockyard district in Fort Worth.

I met Kenny about eight years ago when I first moved down to Texas to attend ministry school at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I instantly took a liking to Kenny because he is a Libertarian free spirit. Kind of a Jim Morrison type who believes in maximum freedom and minimal interference of any kind.


I owe a debt to Kenny Kirk that I can never repay for it was Kenny that first got me to think seriously about following Ron Paul in 2008.

Don’t let looks deceive you. It may seem that Kenny is a fugitive from justice. An outlaw badass up to no good. Yet, nothing further could be from the truth.

Kenny is actually a family man. He and his wife Kelly live on sixty acres of land just outside of Fort Worth were they raise seven kids. Many of these kids were former wards of the state whom they have adopted and brought into their home as one of their own.

I have learned so much from Kenny. The first thing he told this life-long remember of the GOP, is that Mitt Romney and John McCain were part of the problem with politics in America and not the solution.

I learned to respect the U.S. Constitution from Kenny and when he was the pastor of a Baptist church down in Texas, he used to hand out a copy of the Constitution to visitors. His church used to have a Ron Paul campaign sign out on the grass which used to make me smile.

It was Kenny who made me into the Libertarian Shaman I am today. I now repudiate the Republican establishment and advocate for pure, unadulterated freedom.

When I graduate from Princeton Theological Seminary, I may just return back to Texas to start a Libertarian media enterprise and podcast with Kenny Kirk, the man most reponsible for teaching me that the best government is the least amount of government and that the state should leave us the hell alone.




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