Austin Petersen is Liberty’s Last Hope

Today, History Will Be Made as the Libertarian Party Chooses it’s Presidential Nominee and I am Hoping it is Austin Petersen

by Lee Enochs 


Months of campaigning for the Libertarian Presidential nomination ends today for Austin Petersen and the other Libertarian Party candidates.

The fact that Petersen has made it this far is a testimony to the power of Democracy and the force of Austin’s Libertarian convictions.

Petersen’s Libertarian credo or strongly held belief or conviction is that he wants to “take over the government to leave us alone.”

The constituent elements of what forms his beliefs on politics is that the American people, guided by Liberty and the U.S. Constitution are the best arbiters of their own destiny.

Austin Petersen is inclined to believe that the best government is the least amount of government and that the American people, left to themselves without government interference in the private and economic sectors, can thrive and live much more rewarding lives.

After getting to know Petersen on the campaign trail over the last few months, it is my prayer today that he will shock the world and win the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

A win for Austin Petersen today is a victory for Liberty and the U.S. Constitution.




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