Libertarians Need to Work Together Despite Our Differences

While Not Every Libertarian is Happy with the Gary Johnson / Bill Weld Ticket, We Must be Unified in Our Efforts for Unity

by Shannon Palowitch 


Continue the Fight!
As troubling a blow as the Johnson/ Weld nomination for the Libertarian Party (LP) may be for some, passion doesn’t die and politics doesn’t end with one unsavory event. I, like many others, am having trouble figuring out where to go from here.

I jumped ship from the Democratic Party to the LP because I wished to get away from self-serving, selfishly motivated, money driven politicians, only for my safe haven to elect exactly one of those politicians to be our nominee.

So I’ve asked myself, what can I do now? I refuse to vote for the lesser of the evils because the lesser evil is still evil. What can I do? What can WE do to continue our liberty movement without abandoning our principles? We continue to fight in other ways, that’s what we do.

Though Gary Johnson is our nominee, the current face of the party, he is not the embodiment of our party values. Part of what we must do moving forward is damage control. We must be the voice that informs the ignorant or misinformed individual of the truth of libertarianism.

We must be willing to talk any and everyone, even those who have been turned off from the LP by its false face, Gary Johnson, and respectfully educate each and every one who will listen.

We must ensure that, moving forward, people understand that libertarianism is its own animal. It is not a philosophy of economically sound Democrats or socially accepting Republicans. It is the philosophy and ideology of “Maximum Freedom, Minimal Government.”
We must get involved locally. Join your state party. Ask the leadership of your party what you can do to help spread the word, to help organize or work at local or state level events. Show up to meetings, make your voice heard.

There are copious amounts of people running down ticket campaigns for offices other than POTUS. Find out the names of people running under the banner of libertarianism in your state and contact them or their campaigns to see what you can do. Volunteer your time and energy to help these people get elected. Donate what money you can afford. Change is happening and we must be willing to start small and work our way upward.

Unlike our lovely nominee has touted, the LP does NOT have ballot access in all 50 states. Contact your state party to find out the status of your state. If your state doesn’t, do everything within your power to help acquire ballot access.

Find out how many valid petition signatures are required to gain ballot access. Go to your local county clerk’s office to receive petition forms and work your butt off to get signatures. Be sure to ask your state party members who to send the completed petition forms to as, to be valid, the entire state’s forms must be turned in at once.
Don’t lose hope, my fellow freedom fighters. Our war is not over with this one lost battle, but you must continue to fight. If you know of other ways to do that, contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

Shannon Palowitch is a recent graduate of Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky. An aspiring writer, philosopher, and politician, she is new to the political world and to libertarianism. Formerly a democrat, Shannon now realizes that the best way to help people is not to stand back and let the government do it, but to keep the government out of it and let people help one another.


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