The Game Changer: Why Donald Trump’s Speech Last Night Was One of the Greatest in American History

 By Giving One of the Greatest Speeches in American History, Donald Trump Has Changed the Game and Might Become Our Next President

by Lee Enochs

In one of the greatest political moments in American history, real estate tycoon turned Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump gave an epic speech for the ages and gave himself a great opportunity to become our next President.

Last night I sat in stunned silence as I heard Donald Trump set forth his case for his Presidency. He was bold, too the point and sensational. He gave clear and compelling reasons why American cannot continue with the failed and dangerous policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Today, because we cannot afford to continue the tragic policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Trump made a compelling case for why he should be our next President.

Donald Trump was spot on last night when he said the following about Hillary Clinton’s horrible globalism, nation building and failed foreign policy.

Trump was correct when he said:

The Hillary Clinton foreign policy has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars – and unleashed ISIS across the world.

No Secretary of State has been more wrong, more often, and in more places than Hillary Clinton.

Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched.

Among the victims is our late Ambassador, Chris Stevens. He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed — that’s right, when the phone rang at

3 o’clock in the morning, she was sleeping.

Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Libya made hundreds of requests for security.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department refused them all.

She started the war that put him in Libya, denied him the security he asked for, then left him there to die.

To cover her tracks, Hillary lied about a video being the cause of his death.

Here is what one of the victim’s mothers had to say:

“I want the whole world to know it: she lied to my face, and you don’t want this person to be president.”

In 2009, before Hillary Clinton was sworn in, it was a different world.

Libya was cooperating.

Iraq was seeing a reduction in violence.

Syria was under control.

Iran was being choked by sanctions.

Egypt was governed by a friendly regime that honored its peace treaty with Israel.

ISIS wasn’t even on the map.

Fast forward to 2013: In just four years, Secretary Clinton managed

to almost single-handedly destabilize the entire Middle East.

Her invasion of Libya handed the country over to the ISIS barbarians.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is now the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East, and on the road to nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton’s support for violent regime change in Syria has thrown the country into one of the bloodiest civil wars anyone has ever seen – while giving ISIS a launching pad for terrorism against the West.

She helped force out a friendly regime in Egypt and replace it with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian military has retaken control, but Clinton has opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam.

Then, there was the disastrous strategy of announcing our departure date from Iraq, handing large parts of the country over to ISIS killers.

ISIS threatens us today because of the decisions Hillary Clinton has made.

ISIS also threatens peaceful Muslims across the Middle East, and peaceful Muslims across the world, who have been terribly victimized by horrible brutality – and who only want to raise their kids in peace and safety.

In short, Hillary Clinton’s tryout for the presidency has produced one deadly foreign policy disaster after another.

Trump is also correct when he says America is in grave crisis. Our city streets are being stalked by violent murderers and terrorists bent on destroying our great nation.
Donald Trump’s speech was electrifying and brilliant. Perhaps this will be the turning point of American history that will bring us back from the brink of certain destruction.  We may have witnessed the greatest speeches in American history. Trump’s speech was the game changer he has needed.This speech has shown millions of Americans that Trump has what it takes to be our next President. I concur with Donald Trump that we have lost our way as a people. We have allowed globalism and political correctness to blind us from the reality that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want to remake and reshape America into their pluralistic and liberal society where the values we have held for generations are undermined and held in great contempt.



I believe he will be an infinitely better President than the wretched Hillary Clinton who will most certainly destroy our country by appointing liberal and activist supreme court justices to our nation’s highest court.

Trump’s speech was a game changer and might be give him the momentum he needs to win the White House come November.




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