Hillary Clinton Could Destroy America if Elected President

Hillary Clinton Could Destroy America if Elected President

Bracing for a Brave New World of Liberalism Under Hillary Clinton

by Lee Enochs

Barring a major turn around of Biblical proportions, Donald J. Trump will lose badly in this fall’s general election to Hillary Clinton. Currently, the national polls have Clinton at 44% and Trump at 37.6%. Gary Johnson, playing the spoiler is now at 8.4% nationally.
This does not bode well for conservatives and Libertarians in the days head since almost immediately upon swearing into office on January 20, 2017, Hillary Clinton will begin her assault on our Second Amendment rights. If there is an opening for her, Clinton will most certainly make it more difficult to own a firearm or try to ban gun ownership outright.
President Obama, once a candidate with deep misgivings about executive power, departs from the White House as one of the most prolific authors of massive federal regulations in presidential history. The evidence shows that it will only get worse under Hillary Clinton as she intents to enforce more and more regulations on average Americans and small businesses.
 Obama’s inability to work with Republicans in the House has led him to believe he does not need to work with congress at all. With the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming our new next president very likely, things will only get worse in congress in the days ahead since it is very likely that Republicans in Congress will work with Hillary Clinton on anything substantial.
I believe Hillary Clinton has the potential to destroy America as we know it if she intends to unilaterally enforce massive restrictions on gun ownership.  It’s about to get dark in America. Very dark days are ahead of us and will only go from worse to worse if Republicans lose control of Congress. If the Democrats somehow regain control over Congress this Fall, Clinton will most certainly reshape America in her Liberal image.

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