The NFL, Al Jazeera and the Constitutional Crisis

Why the NFL May Be Violating Accused Players Constitutional Rights Based on a Discredited Al Jazeera Report 


By Lee Enochs

(New York, New York)


An egregious and most glaring case of unconstitutionality and forced self-incrimination is presently transpiring in the world of professional sports these days as the NFL has notified four of its star players that they will be suspended unless they give interviews to league investigators by August 25 since being accused of performance-enhancing drug use by the news agency Al Jazeera.

The four accused players-Pittsburg Steelers linebacker James Harrison, Green Bay Packers Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews and free agent defensive end Mike Neal—have been told by the NFL they will be suspended if they refuse to give interviews to league investigators by August 25.

What is shocking about this turn of events is that it was the same discredited Al Jazeera “documentary” that falsely accused former star quarterback Peyton Manning of using PED’s in a now discredited report, last year.

I now come to the defense of the “NFL Four” as they are being called, and remind NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and league investigators, that this is still the United States of America and the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly safeguards due process under the law and protects a person from being compelled to be a witness against himself in a criminal case.

The last time I checked, a person is still innocent until proven guilty in this county and Al Jazeera is not one of the constitutionally mandated branches of government that these NFL players need to report to.

The question also must be asked why these NFL players need to give interviews to league investigators based on the report of a discredited foreign news agency that is funded by the ruling family of Qatar.

Equally shocking, the NFL has informed the NFL Players Association that each of these players would be suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the league, rather than simply suspended four games for a first violation of the league’s PED policy.

I believe it is entirely inappropriate of the NFL to attempt to force these football players to participate in any investigation unless it has “credible evidence” they these players used PED’s and that this same discredited Al Jazeera “documentary” falsely accused Peyton Manning previously.

This is a scandal and constitutional crisis of historic magnitude, not because four professional football players are being accused of using PED’s by a discredited news agency but because their employer is forcing them to potentially jeopardize their careers and gainful employment all because a foreign news agency has leveled accusations against some American citizens. I wonder if Roger Goodell and the NFL have read the U.S. Constitution and will now start investigating its players based on the accusations of the National Enquirer?









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