Why I am Exposing Gary Johnson’s Progressive Agenda

Gary Johnson is a  Liberal Fraud and His Progressive Agenda Needs to be Exposed 

By Lee Enochs 


Gary Johnson is a Liberal fraud. He is a progressive social justice warrior masquerading as a Libertarian. I have come to this conclusion after carefully listening to Johnson’s disturbingly progressive mantra and social justice promoting gospel of  faux Libertarianism.

Because very few people in the Liberty movement have dared to take Johnson on, I have decided to lead the #NeverGaryJohnson movement to focus much needed attention on the progressive and liberal nonsense the former New Mexico Governor is actually advocating.

Last night, as I watched Gary Johnson drone on about how Libertarians are “socially liberal” and defend the police-bashing Black Lives Matter movement on Fox News, I asked myself just how in the world did he pull the wool over the eyes of so many people who love Liberty and blatantly hijack the Libertarian Party nomination this year?

I suspect that the real reason why Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are on the Libertarian Party ticket this year has nothing to do with Libertarian principles.

Rather, in their misguided quest for respectability, many rank and file members of the Libertarian Party conveniently sacrificed their cherished small-government and non-interventionist beliefs and nominated two former moderate Republican governors for pragmatic reasons.

Yet, the time has come identify and call out the progressive political agenda that Gary Johnson is actually promoting since his particular brand of “Libertarianism” is entirely antithetical to the conservative message of former Libertarian and Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul. I would like to argue that Gary Johnson in many respects has more in common with Bernie Sanders than Dr. Ron, who, won’t endorse Johnson for many of the same reasons I am mentioning here.

It is simply shocking to hear so many self-professing “Libertarians” defend Gary Johnson who is clearly promoting extremely liberal views on global warming, gay marriage, abortion, government funding of Planned Parenthood. Why, just yesterday, Gary Johnson said global-warming is man-made and shockingly endorsed a “fee” on carbon dioxide emissions!

Is  the pot-smoking Gary Johnson the new Al Gore?

Is Johnson going to start handing out Gore’s bogus  and pseudoscientific global warming video, “An Inconvenient Truth” at his campaign rallies?

I also take issue with Gary Johnson calling Hillary Clinton an “honorable public servant” and her email scandal “not criminal” while incessantly bashing Donald Trump as being authoritarian and a “fascist.”

I find Johnson’s charge of authoritarianism regarding Mr. Trump laughable since it was actually Gary Johnson who said a few months ago that he would use the coercive power of the federal government to force a Jewish baker against his will to make a cake for a Nazi!

A lot of Libertarians have been saying this year that they think Donald Trump is a sort of “Manchurian candidate” who is secretly working with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to lose this fall’s election, yet it’s Gary Johnson who is actually promoting political positions that are in harmony with the Democrat’s progressive platform and agenda.

Because I believe Gary Johnson is a progressive liberal masquerading as the Libertarian Party nominee, I have decided to expose Johnson as the fraud he really is. I am now advocating for a #NeverGaryJohnson movement.



Lee Enochs (B.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the founder of Conservatives for California, and the author of “The Case for Rand Paul” and, “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism.”Lee is also a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey.


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