Why Christians in America Should Vote for Donald Trump

America May Fall Morally and Economically Under Liberal Activist Hillary Clinton 

by Lee Enochs 


America, the greatest nation in the history of the world, is in rapid decline and may fall if Hillary Clinton is elected President. Eight years under the extremely liberal and progressive Barack Obama has fundamentally changed our American way of life for the worse. It is my belief that four to eight years of life under the Presidency of Hillary Clinton will only continue this steep decline into the abyss of moral relativism and reckless economic imprudence.

I call to our remembrance that on August 24, 410 AD, the city of Rome fell at the hands of the barbarian Visigoth hordes. In the minds and estimations of many ancient Romans, Rome stood at the pinnacle and emblematic symbol of their formerly great empire which was then reduced to rubble. Some time after Rome fell, the great theologian and church father, Augustine of Hippo wrote his famous book “De Civitate Dei,” or “The City of God” in which Augustine tried to explain why God allowed Rome to be sacked.

The signs of America’s coming moral and economic collapse are all around us If we care and dare to see. Under Barack Obama open moral rebellion is celebrated and codified into law, America’s enemies such as Iran have been enriched and emboldened and our nation’s national debt has doubled as our government’s reckless spending keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Is there any evidence that things will get any better under a potential Hillary Clinton White House? On the contrary, if Hillary is elected President, which is a strong possibility, we can only expect more the same step moral and economic decline. We can also expect an assault on our First and Second Amendment rights as Clinton will most certainly appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices that will only continue the left’s degenerative transformation of American society.

While Donald Trump is far from being a perfect man and Presidential candidate, he is the only person that now stands between Hillary Clinton and her plan to reshape America with her liberal agenda.

As an American and as a Christian, I cherish our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and religion and want to see our churches allowed to preach and minister as they see fit. Mr. Trump will protect our rights to worship God as we see fit and will fight against the political correctness that has engulfed our land.

If  Clinton is elected President this November, it will be open season on our right to keep and bear arms and to worship God as our consciences dictate. Only Donald Trump stands in the way of Hillary Clinton’s assault on conservative values.


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