Why I Changed My Mind and Will Vote for Donald Trump

Because I Love America and Want to See Hillary Clinton Defeated, I am Voting for Donald Trump for President

by Lee Enochs 

I have done a lot of soul-searching lately and after a whole lot of prayer and reflection about who I am and what I believe, I have changed my mind and will now vote for Donald J. Trump for President.

The time has come for me to announce to the world I am voting for Donald Trump and endorse him for President. 

My journey to voting for Donald Trump has been a long and difficult one. Truth be told, I wanted Rand Paul to win the Republican Presidential nomination this year.

And frankly, I did not like how Mr. Trump treated Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz in the primaries, but I am over that now.

While I was on the verge of joining the #NeverTrump movement, I just can’t.

I love America way too much to stay mad at the Donald.

I also oppose Hillary Clinton too much not to vote for Mr. Trump.

 Rand Paul did not win the Republican primaries and Donald Trump did. I only have a few choices now. Either I stand on the sidelines and don’t vote for the Donald or I do. Those are my only real options.

I am a life-long Republican who loves Liberty. I believe Donald Trump can defeat Hillary Clinton this fall and preserve our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

I am not impressed with the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld at all. They are way too liberal for me to vote for. I also made a vow to God never to support a pro-choice candidate, so Johnson is out altogether.

I am really disappointed that the Libertarian Party nominated Gary Johnson for President. I liked Austin Petersen and would have considered voting for him, but Gary Johnson unfortunately is the Libertarian nominee.

Because I love America and believe Donald Trump is the only person that now stands in the way of Hillary winning the White House, I am announcing publicly that I am voting for Donald Trump.

I personally believe Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt individual to ever run for President and believe Trump can defeat her this November if many Americans like me support him.

Lee Enochs, is a graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey and is the author of the books, “The Case for Rand Paul” and “A Biblical Defense of Capitalism.” A life-long conservative and libertarian, Lee believes that the best government is the least amount of government and stands for freedom, the U.S. Constitution and the American way. Lee is also a Christian and believes in Jesus Christ with all his heart.



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