How Gary Johnson Can Still Win the Presidency

How Gary Johnson Can Win it All 

By Lee Enochs 



Things are looking grim for perennial third-party candidate Gary Johnson right now. CNN and many news agencies across the country are reporting that Johnson is really polling at 7% among likely voters. I know, because most of them have been trolling and bottom feeding  on my FB page.

But there is still a path to victory for the pot smoking and midnight toking Libertarian nominee. Here is how Gary can still win it all:

Let’s say it’s close to election eve and Trump is riding high on the way to victory but his plane somehow disappears over the Patomac. It is then discovered that evening that Hillary and her crooked campaign team was responsible for downing the Donald Like they are responsible for Benhgazi, the illicit email server and pay to play at the state department.



With Mr. Trump dearly departed and Hillary on her way to prison (where she should have been put by the FBI for her classified email scandal in the first place), Gary or the Green Party’s Jill Stein, as the only living or legal candidates on the ballot, could potentially win the presidency.

Libertarian hipster Gary Johnson could ride his magical unicorn from the fresh marijuana patches of LaLa land to be our next Commander-in-Chief if he has the right stuff and all the right people go to jail or disappear over the Patomac.


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