Why It’s Time for Gary Johnson to Drop Out of the Presidential Race

The Handwriting is on the Wall for Perennial Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson After Recent Polls Show He Has No Chance of Participating in the Debates with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

by Lee Enochs


Gary Johnson’s campaign is in deep trouble but he is trying to soldier on but the handwriting is on the wall showing him that he has no chance of being in the presidential debates and becoming our 45th president.

CNN has just released its polls and the news is absolutely devastating to marijuana legalization advocate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who has been perennially and quixotically running for President as a third-party candidate without any possibility of winning for the last two election cycles.

In stunning news just released by CNN, Politico and other news agencies, powerful Republican candidate Donald J. Trump has surged ahead of corrupt Hillary Clinton among Americans most likely to vote, 45-43%, followed by Gary Johnson at 7% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein  at 2%.


While the news  probably spells the end of Gary Johnson’s unrealistic  and impractical chances of participating in the three Presidential debates with Mr.Trump and corrupt and scandal plagued Hillary Clinton, his campaign has been exceedingly overly-optimistic from the beginning.

The handwriting is on the wall for Gary Johnson who recently said in an interview that his political campaign is effectively over if he does not make the presidential debates.

Now, with the hard evidence  and naked truth out there for everyone to see, the time has come for the perpetual pot smoking presidential candidate Gary Johnson to drop out of the race once and for all in order for him to pay off his staggering campaign debts from 2012 and free  up his supporters to vote for Donald Trump who alone can defeat Hillary Clinton this November.

There is no shame for  social justice warrior Gary Johnson who recently came out in support of the radical anti-police officer group “Black Lives Matters,” if he has to drop out of the race. He can always go back to harvesting hemp seeds or whatever he once did before he started to run for President every election cycle for the last several years.


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