Libertarians Need to Stop Attacking Mother Teresa

Recent Attacks by Libertarians on a Roman Catholic Saint Are Shameful and Need to Be Denounced 

by Lee Enochs 


Attempting to have meaningful discourse on Facebook is difficult especially since it is increasingly become a haven for trolls and unreasonable people who sit at their computer and do nothing all day but attack and attempt to destroy others.

Recently I have noticed an uptick of disgusting attacks by these trolls on Roman Catholic Saint Mother Teresa.  Many of the people launching these vile comments and attacks on her are self-professing “Libertarians.”

This sort of behavior is why so many people in America are turned off by  many Libertarians and do not want to join their party. Many of us have had similar experiences with professing Libertarians and they need to know that their movement will never grow if they continue this sort of behavior.

I am a Libertarian with a small “l” in that I advocate for limited government but my exposure to the Libertarian Party as a whole has not been a very good one. I see a lack of kindness and mercy in the movement that is downright appalling.

Attacking Mother Teresa has no place in civilized discourse and needs to be rejected by all, especially since that selfless woman gave herself to the poorest of the poor.

I know I won’t be able to reason with the trolls out there that proliferate on Facebook, but sane and respectable people know what I am saying is right.

One may have a theological or philosophical difference with Mother Teresa but to attack her with pejorative and scatological references is out of bounds.




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