Donald Trump: Why the Hell Not?


In the Aftermath of Tulsa and Charlotte, It’s Time for a Change


In Just six weeks, the United States of America will choose a new President and the stakes could not be any higher. What we do now will echo throughout eternity and the who we will vote for on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 will affect the course of American history forever. The next President will choose Antonin Scalia’s replacement. Donald Trump will appoint a conservative justice to replace Scalia who affirms the private ownership of firearms. Hillary Clinton will appoint a liberal jurist who will undermine the Second Amendment.

Donald Trump will preserve your right to protect yourself and worship God in the way you see fit. Hillary Clinton will seek to undermine the 2ND Amendment and will attempt to muzzle those pastors and others who disagree with her and the left’s liberal agenda.Political correctness has gotten out of hand here in the U.S. Donald Trump has made that clear that will end if he is elected President.

Hillary has made it clear that political correctness will continue under her Presidency should she be elected.  Donald Trump will work to end illegal immigration and sanctuary cities that endanger American lives. Hillary wants to open our country to more and more people who could potentially try to destroy us.

Donald Trump will tear up the unwise and unsafe nuclear deal the Obama-Clinton administration made with Iran. Hillary Clinton used an illegal and private email server to conduct State Department business while Secretary of State.

She also lied about not sending thousands of emails with classified information. Hillary Clinton’s Foundation received millions of dollars from foreign countries in a “pay to play” scheme that personally enriched her and gave access to the U.S. Government to people from countries with ties to terrorists and human rights abuses.

Mr. Trump will end the reign of terror that criminals and murderers enjoy on our city streets. He will take seriously the issue of violent crime that is destroying our country.





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