Gary Johnson Must Stay in the Race Even Though Democrats are Demanding He Leave Now

CNN and the Liberal Establishment are Calling for Gary Johnson to Immediately Leave the Presidential Race to Aide Hillary Clinton

by Lee Enochs 


In the last 24-hours Libertarian and  mistake- prone libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has been attacked  savagely by  Hilarly Clinton’s surrogate machine and CNN which has been running feature reports questioning Johnson’s sanity and reasons for remaining in the race since he has no real chance of winning the election.

The real reason why Clinton and her drones are calling for gaffe-riddled Gary Johnson to depart from the race is because he is now polling at 13% and all the evidence points that this hurts Clinton and not Trump.

Many disaffected and disillusioned millennials have turned to third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein after their messiah, Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders lost the primaries after the corrupt, back room activities of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic National Convention which were in collusion together to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Despite losing the debate to Hillarly this past Monday, Donald Trump still maintains a slight two-point lead over Hillary Clinton, and needs Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to pull out to surge ahead of the Donald.  The Democrats are pulling out all the stops in trying to steal this election by working with CNN and other news agencies to call for Johnson and Stein to depart from the race immediately.

Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine argued  yesterday that Gary Johnson could be the “new Ralph Nader,” a reference to the consumer advocate and Green Party candidate Nader’s quixotic 2000 campaign that helped prevent Al Gore from ascending to the White House.

The democrats are even pulling out their big guns, Michelle Obama and sell-out Bernie Sanders to act as campaign surrogates for Hillary to no avail since millennials are sticking with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

Johnson and Stein need to stay in this race for the sake of their political brands and to spread their respective messages. This might prevent Hillary from winning the White House in the process.

Watch out Gary! Hillary and the liberals are gunning for you!





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