Why I am Withdrawing My Support for Donald Trump

Like Many Americans, I am Shocked and Sickened Over Donald Trump’s Vulgar Comments Exposed on a Video 

by Lee Enochs 

I am withdrawing my support and endorsement of Donald Trump for President and had I known that he made the vulgar, grossly abusive  and sexually graphic comments beforehand, I would have never lent my support to his campaign in the first place.

As an Evangelical Christian, my faith and obedience to Jesus Christ comes first and I cannot condone a presidential candidate, irrespective if he was “joking,” who said he groped and abused a married woman.

Truth be told, I am a Libertarian conservative who supported Rand Paul in the primaries and only supported Trump because Gary Johnson is too liberal for me and because Trump is the only candidate who could realistically beat my sworn nemesis Hillary Clinton.

The tragedy of America today is that a vulgar and disgusting man like Donald Trump can win the nomination of a major political party largely on the basis of his popularity on social media.

I am ashamed to have supported Trump ever so briefly in the first place. Now, I can’t support Trump for any reason.





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