It’ All Rigged for Hillary Clinton

Why Democracy is Dead in America

by Lee Enochs 

Democracy is dead in America. The U.S. Constution has been hijacked and we are about to go into a new era of unprecedented tyranny as Hillary Clinton is just days away from being elected President.

The rule of law is a joke for Clinton and she gets away with the most egregious of crimes because she and her political machine controls everything.

The entire Democratic primary season was a fraud since Debbie Wasserman Schultz had the entire thing rigged for Clinton and stacked the decks against Bernie Sanders.

The FBI is also in Hillary Clinton’s back pocket as well since she deleted over 35,000 emails and had several computers destroyed to cover her crimes, yet the FBI says it has no evidence of any crimes.

I do not understand how the police can apprehend and kill people like Eric Garner for simply selling cigarettes on the streets of New York yet wallow Hillary Clinton go free even though she lied about using a personal email server to send top secret and confidential information involving America’s National security?

It is clear that the national news media is in the tank for Clinton as well and she is orchestrating th media’s incessant attacks  against Donald Trump.

Soon she will be President and will trample on the Constitution more than any other President. watch and see…


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