Why Libertarians Must Reject Globalism and Open Borders

A Dangerous Trend Towards Globalization and Open Borders Must be Rejected by American Libertarians 

by Lee Enochs

Are Libertarians globalists? Tragically, there appears to be a tendency within some self-professed Libertarians and other misguided people within the Liberty movement towards the twin dangers of globalization and open borders.

Globalism is  inherently anti-American in encouraging Americans to adopt a “world view” rather than an “American view.” Globalists oppose nationalism and national sovereignty, and instead tend to favor on open borders and unmitigated  and unregulated free trade.

As a Conservative and life-long Republican who appreciates Ron and Rand Paul, I have encountered Libertarians who reject the notion of nationalism and are promoting open borders under the economic idea that a truly free market demands the eradication of national identities and borders between nations since a truly free market requires the unmitigated and free movement of both capital and labor across geographical regions.

I have been shocked to encounter Libertarians that believe in the elimination of all borders  and distinctions between nations and the  complete abolition of restrictions on immigration. Some are even advocating the abolition of the Immigration and Naturalization service and the border patrol and the declaration of full amnesty for all people who have entered into the United States illegally.

These views are dangerous to America’s national sovereignty,  national security and economic prosperity and must be rejected outright and in total.

My question to Libertarians such as my good friend Austin Petersen (who should have been the Libertarian Party nominee and not Gary Johnson) is whether or not Libertarians believe in national sovereignty and the exceptional uniqueness and autonomy of the United States?

Case in point, the New York Times today reports that the United States was able to halt over 400,000 illegal immigrants from Central America in the 2016 fiscal year alone from entering into our country unlawfully. Should we attempt to prevent the mass rush of illegal immigration into the United States or let everyone, good or bad into our country simply because they want to be here?

America’s fragile economy and infrastructure cannot possibly sustain the unlimited migration of everyone who wants to enter the United States. Such an action also poses a  severe crime and national security risk for the United States since unchecked immigration cannot prevent violent criminal offenders from entering into our country and setting up their heinous activities here.

Those Libertarians who are advocating globalism and the complete eradication of geographical borders and national sovereignty of individual nations must be rejected since true liberty is about autonomy from external control.  Globalism and open borders are threats to America’s exceptionalism and national sovereignty. As President-Elect Trump has said, “without borders we have no country.”





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